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A world-leading aromatherapy association is making it easier for serious enthusiasts and those wanting a career in the field to join. Penny Price lets us know the perks.

The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists has launched an online service, allowing health enthusiasts to become non-practising members. Professional practitioners and students can also use the online service to become fully accredited once they have completed the necessary training.

It is part of a major overhaul of the federation’s website at www.ifparoma.org that also includes a members’ area with latest developments and case studies in aromatherapy.

IFPA Chair Penny Price, who has a worldwide reputation in aromatherapy, said: “We want to make it easy for people with a serious interest in aromatherapy to become members, even if they are not practitioners. For some people, it will be a first step to becoming a practitioner. Others will be happy just to build their knowledge of therapeutic techniques, essential oil uses and health tips and guidance through our professional magazine and the members’ area of our website. Membership also makes an ideal gift. We are the biggest organisation of our kind in the world, and our members have a wealth of knowledge of the subject to share.”

The IFPA is stepping up efforts to get more practitioners to become professionally accredited in clinical aromatherapy, using oils to treat conditions as varied as eczema to asthma. Benefits for full members include being listed on a professional register available to the public and specialist insurance cover. Members have opportunities to meet at regional and national events, and to obtain educational grants and bursaries.

IFPA is a registered charity with a worldwide membership of close to 2,000 and a respected voice in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.

Clinical aromatherapy is widely recognised as a natural remedy for anxiety and pain, as well as aiding relaxation and boosting energy levels. The essential oils from aromatic plants are used in an informed and controlled manner, in a way that experts say can improve our wellbeing.

IFPA encourages the controlled use of essential oils to bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. Aromatherapy makes use of oil-bearing plants from all over the world harvested for their therapeutic and other beneficial properties. The fragrances from essential oils stimulate emotional and physical responses through the olfactory system.

Aromatherapy makes use of oils in a variety of ways, including inhalation, massage, creams and bath essences. Different blends of natural active ingredients determine the response, ranging from treating swelling and fungal infections, to stress relief and insomnia. Versatility, efficacy and a pleasant experience for the patient have made aromatherapy one of the worlds’ most popular natural remedies.

Penny Price explains: “Essential oils are synergistic, meaning there are many different chemicals, which all work together to produce a whole range of integrated effects. When two or three aromatherapy essential oils are mixed together, there will be a stronger and different response compared with using one alone. This is the point of aromatherapy – the collaboration of oils and techniques that can positively improve moods and senses. The IFPA offers members expert guidance in this area, and allows for more people to become professionally recognised and involved.”

For more information, visit ifparoma.org or call 01455 637987.

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