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What Is Lucid Dreaming? by Jamie Alexander


A lucid dream basically means you are aware you are dreaming. It’s not some mad new-age phenomenon. Everyone dreams every night. All you are doing is switching on your conscious mind so you ‘awaken’  inside the dream. Once you become lucid you can do pretty neat things, but essentially you are just changing your state of consciousness.


On Lucid Ability you won’t hear me talking about my beliefs. I won’t tell you it’s a world outwith your mind. I won’t tell you it’s possible to share dreams or talk to real-life spirits. Everything I tell you is possible can be done. If something is mentioned on Lucid Ability it means you will be able to do it, no matter what your beliefs.


Maybe you’ve had one naturally. If not, you can easily learn how to have lucid dreams right here and now.


Once you wake up inside the dream you can do anything:


  • Fly like superman
  • Walk through walls
  • Have sex with celebrities
  • Travel back in time
  • Make any object appear


And much, much more. Basically, anything is possible and you become an immortal superhero while inside the dream world. You can manipulate anything you want using the power of your mind.


It feels like being inside a virtual reality computer game. You are aware of everything. You know it’s impossible to die and are free to do as you wish. Laws like gravity can be broken. Solid matter is merely an illusion.


Here are some basic lucid dreaming techniques to look over that will help you awaken inside your dreams.


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