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Life by Intentional Design

      “The sky is the limit. You can be anything you want to be.” – Mom.

Take a brief moment to honour the moms who instilled such a powerful belief in their kids at a young age. Unfortunately, this does not mean you will pursue more for yourself or reach your goals faster. On the flip side, what if your experience was different? What if someone told you the opposite? “You will never amount to anything.”

As horrific as this is, many people who heard this rise above it, and so can you! Regardless of what you heard, what you choose to believe will become your experience. The sky is the limit if you decide; the possibilities are limitless. You can be anything you want to be. You can have anything you choose to have. The question then becomes, how?

Societal norms, social norms, and cultural norms all give a basic standard and framework for how one should live, but they are just that, basic. You do not have to live a basic life or follow anyone else’s expectations. You get to decide. The only person who can take that stand to raise the bar and the standards in your life is you. You have the power to choose something different or something more for yourself at any point along the way.

The traditional education system in no way prepares you mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually for true success and fulfilment. It eludes to being an endpoint, a right of passage, and a ticket off the lifelong learning train. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth.

     “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” – Albert Einstein.

Living an extraordinary life, having unforgettable experiences, sharing a profound romantic partnership, having amazing friendships, enjoying total time, and financial freedom do not happen by chance. Mark Cuban, Cindy Eckert, Richard Branson, and Oprah didn’t just wake up a billionaire or sit around hoping to be wealthy; they built it. They created an extraordinary life for themselves. Leaving your life to chance and sitting on the sidelines in inaction will yield the ordinary life intended; a comfortably numb life that is practically the same day in and day out.

Why settle for this?

You are never too young or too old to choose to live life on your terms, embrace lifelong learning, and design life by intentional design that sets your heart and soul on fire. Life is a beautiful, magical gift and blessing if you allow yourself to see, feel, and experience it in this way. In my opinion, life is too short to live any other way. A small part of me wishes I had realized this earlier in life. In the same breath, I would not have the same appreciation for it if it had occurred any sooner or any other way.

You can create your Heaven on Earth. Design it. Build it. And fill it with unforgettable experiences, a profound romantic partnership, amazing friendships, a peaceful relationship with money, and plenty of it. While simultaneously feeling peace, passion, and excitement for all you have now and all that is coming your way. It starts with you. Do you know what is even more beautiful? When you choose to create and live a life by intentional design, you blaze a path for others to do the same.

Unfortunately, most people stop when they get comfortable or achieve a certain level of success in one or two areas of life. Maybe you have a stable job or meaningful relationship, plus excellent health & fitness, yet are only ‘getting by financially. Or perhaps, you are a successful entrepreneur who has your dream house and car, but you are so stressed and pressed for time that your health is suffering. Perchance, you are the unfulfilled CEO solely focused on work as a badge of honour while denying yourself a stellar romantic partnership and the freedom of time off to travel. In your head, you might be scoffing, “You mean a real vacation? Decompress and relax? What’s that? Stellar romantic partnership? That does not exist.”

“I can’t have it all. I have to do it all myself. I’m going to gain weight and feel crummy as I age. I have to sacrifice and work hard to get ahead in life. Life has to be hard. Money is the root of all evil. Rich people are selfish or arrogant.” The list goes on, and sadly, this is the common channel of lies that most people subscribe to as their reality.

Enough of this simplistic, self-sabotaging way of thinking. Are you ready to break this cycle? If so, are you prepared to take it to the next level?

Are you ready to stop settling for the “OR” Model of Life? “I can only have this or that; I can only achieve this or that.”

Are you ready to step into the “AND” Model of Life? “I can have this and that; I can achieve this and that.”

Umm, yes, please!!

Are you prepared to take it even higher and step into the “I CAN” Model of Life? “I can have it all!”

Yes? Let’s go!!!

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Jessa Carter

Neuro Finesse Expert, Jessa Carter, is the most highly sought Intuitive Visionary and Divine Life Strategist for High Achieving Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are missing fulfillment, joy, and passion in life despite their massive success. As the Founder and CEO of Divine Heart DynastyTM, she excels in re-defining and re-inventing yourself, your life, your business, and your relationships to soaring heights that defy logic so that your time on earth is by Intentional Design, never by default.

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