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Life Balance – Living the Dream by Marquita Herald

Life Balance is not about better time management, it’s about making better choices.  ~M. Herald

There is no question, the dream of a “balanced life” remains alive and kicking in our society today.


The problem is, while we continue to hold the vague notion of achieving greater harmony in life close to our hearts, seldom do we give it a second thought as we go about our days making choice after choice that, for better or worse, affect our lives.


life balance


In fact, rarely do we even take the time to become clear about what a balanced life might look like. The challenge is, even if we managed to come up with a definition, there really is no one-size-fits-all formula to help us achieve it, because we all have different priorities and lead diverse lives.


So where do you begin to define the right life balance for you? Since you represent the foundation, the heart of your unique life balance formula, it makes sense that the first step to finding balance should be to develop a greater understanding of just who you are, your true self – and with that – determine what matters most to you.


How well do you know yourself, really? Do you have clearly defined priorities, or do you allow yourself to bend with each new outside pressure? What do you long for, what is missing in your life? Are you making the intentional choices each day aimed at helping you to achieve greater balance in your life?


Few things define our lives more than the choices we make each day.


Our choices can move us to achieving success or failure; bring us happiness or heartache, fulfillment or regret.


When we think of choices, we tend to focus on the “big” decisions: who to date, who to marry, the right job, car, apartment, house or vacation. But in reality, the picture is made up of millions of small pieces. Every choice we make, no matter how small, is part of a continuum of choices that directly impact our world, and often those around us.


To have the ability to make choices is an enormous responsibility, as well as a great power.  There are many who play the blame game for things that happen to them in life. Others simply call it bad luck.


Whatever you call it, there are moments in all our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroads. The choices we make in those moments can define the rest of our days. Many, when faced with the unknown, prefer to turn around and go back, because it is so much easier to “go with the flow” of whatever happens to come our way in life.


To live a more fulfilling, balanced life requires that we first define what that means to us, and then have the courage to become more choice-conscious. Begin today to accept that each choice carries its’ own baggage…once you buy it, it has to be paid for, lugged, stored, lived with, and hopefully, celebrated. Choices are never lost. You own them.


Every Choice Counts


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