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Some we need and some are just for fun, but The Best You scoured the Internet to bring you our favourite gadgets this summer. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? We think so.


Loc8tor Lite

How many times have you turned the house upside down, been late for meetings, or even cancelled all your cards, just because you’ve mislaid your keys or wallet? Now there’s a simple and cost-effective way to avoid this annoyance and uncertainty. The Loc8tor Lite is the ultimate locating device to help you keep track of your valuables, such as keys, TV remotes, cameras, mobile phones, wallets, purses, or even your car. The credit-card-sized tracking device will quickly locate and lead you to your lost possessions. As long as sight lines are clear, it has an incredible range that can extend up to 400 feet (122 metres) and it comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty.

Recommended retail price: £44.99


Spynet Stealth Video Glasses

These sunglasses are like something straight out of a James Bond film. Take films and photos without anyone knowing using Spynet Stealth Video Glasses. These crafty sunglasses have a hidden camera built in so you can record up to 20 minutes of video or snap 2,000 photos without anyone noticing. Perfect for top-secret surveillance or just freaking out your friends. Once you’re done spying, link the glasses to your PC or Mac using the USB connector to examine the evidence. Spynet Stealth Video Glasses include a lithium polymer battery, which recharges via the USB port on your computer.

Recommended retail price: £29.99


USB Cup Warmer

We’ve all been there. You’ve just brewed yourself a steaming cup of liquid loveliness, you get back to your desk to a flurry of urgent emails, and by the time you’ve averted all manner of minor disasters like the superhuman workhorse that you are, your cup of steaming refreshment is stone cold. Worry not, office warrior, as we have a solution to your tepid tea dilemma in the rather lovely form of our USB Cup Warmer. Plug it into a spare USB port on your computer and the Cup Warmer will keep your beverage at the optimum operating temperature for as long as you care to leave it.

Recommended retail price: £5.30


Credit Card Pocket Light

Never be caught in the dark again with this ultra-thin LED light. It’s the same size as a credit card, fitting easily into your wallet. When you need it, it opens up into a cool gadget in the shape of a hollow light bulb. All you have to do is flip up the light bulb and the light automatically turns on. The light bulb is LED, so it’s easy on battery power; a single 3V battery – included with the device – powers it. It is easy to carry around and so simple to use.

Recommended retail price: £1.99


Mini Portable Rechargeable Speakers

These high-quality mini capsule speakers are perfect for portable or home use. They produce a surprisingly rich and loud sound, making listening to your music perfect, and they come with a built in rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 6 hours. The speakers are compatible with a 3.5mm plug that connects to MP3 and MP4 players, smartphones, iPods, Portable CD Players, tablets, PCs, and even minidisc players. They have 360-degree sound field and an LED power indicator that indicates when they are on and when they are charging. They can be easily recharged using a USB cable.

Recommended retail price: £6.99


Mini Fan For iPhone

August is a month for taking a break from work and lounging in the summer sun, but that can sometimes get a bit extreme. Keep cool and look cool at the same time with this revolutionary iPhone fan attachment. It’s sleek, discreet, and surprisingly powerful. The iPhone fan attaches to your phone’s charging dock and uses minimal power to cool you down. Its 4,000-rpm propeller can keep you cool for as long as 6 hours on a full charge. Don’t worry. You won’t lose your nose or ears. The twin fan blades are fashioned from soft urethane plastic.

Recommended retail price: £1.59


Portable phone charger

With the long days and short nights, many of us tend to go out straight after work and stay out until the sun goes down. That’s great news for our social lives, but bad news for our phones’ battery life. Luckily, technology has kept up to date with out hectic lifestyles and you can now charge your phone wherever you are. Charge it up at home with a USB cable and keep it in your bag until you are running low on battery. Then just plug your phone into it and get charged up. No excuse to be out of contact again.

Recommended retail price: £14.99



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