Learn Mindful Drinking

Learn Mindful Drinking

Aiming to drink less alcohol over the festive period? Hilary Marsh shares six simple ways to cut back on booze From time to time, it’s a good idea to stop and take stock of habits that might have crept in unnoticed; to consider our lifestyle and think about ways to improve it. Whether its eating clean, going to the gym, praising mindfulness or drinking more water, we can all make little changes that make.a difference.

At this time of year, one of the biggest ways to look after your wellbeing in the winter months is to watch your alcohol intake. There are many benefits of drinking less; better physical health, improved mental health, increased energy – not to mention saving money.

All it takes is some small changes, and you too can join the growing ranks of mindful drinkers.


It’s a good idea to think ahead and plan how much you are going to drink on a night out and sticking to it. Consider how much you are going to drink in the next week, and be strict with yourself and stick to the amount you’ve allowed.

Also plan how much money you want to spend and take out that amount of cash rather than putting everything on your card.


It’s too easy to keep saying yes to booze when you’re on a night out, but by alternating between alcohol and soft drinks you can stay out as late as everyone else without feeling the negative effects. Every other drink opt for a soda and fresh lime, a Botonique or even a mocktail – no one will even have to know you’re hitting pause on the booze.

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Thinking about the size of your drinks is a good way to encourage you to cut back. Rather than getting double shots or a pint, swap it for single measure and half pints. This will mean you can still be part of rounds while lowering your alcohol consumption and your calorie count.


Eliminating or cutting back on alcohol can sometimes feel like you’re missing out on all the fun, and there’s been a boom in the non-alcoholic drinks market.

Beer giants, Heineken and Budweiser have popular alcohol-free versions, there’s a huge range of 0% wines, or try new beverage Botonique which is full of minerals, nutrients and vitamins and makes a great replacement.


This option will take a lot of willpower, but can help to kick start a new lease of life. Dry January and Go Sober for October are two of the biggest “stop drinking” challenges, meaning a whole month of absolutely zero alcohol. Doing it to fundraise for a charity may help you to stick to it, just be careful not to liken it to marathon training…

The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober


Avoiding triggers can be extremely difficult for some, as there can be specific places or people that may persuade them to drink. The testing times are when you’re on a night out and want to let loose. Everyone is guilty of going slightly overboard sometimes, but if you’re determined to reduce your alcohol consumption, having your friends’ support is crucial. Tell them about your choice to cut back so they don’t buy you another large Pinot.

Taking up new hobbies, such as yoga or spinning, to steer clear of your triggers and focus your mind on something other than opening another bottle of wine or going down the pub. It all adds up to you feeling healthier and happier. Cheers!


Hilary Marsh is founder of non alcoholic soft drink Botonique. She still loves wine, but after realising the negative effects it has on her body she created Botonique as a great non-alcoholic option to help people ‘pace and replace’ and drink in moderation. For more information on

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