For the late starters. 7 Steps to get back on track.

Maybe you’re regretting not getting started on those life-improving resolutions… It’s not too late, after all Chinese New Year falls on 19 February and is the perfect ‘second attempt’ window – follow our solution guide, and there’s still time to succeed.

Get in shape

Flat out and no time for the gym? Take a desk workout instead. There are tons of routines to try on YouTube, so ditch that extra coffee break or sneak a session into your lunch break each day.


Get quicker

Buy a shower timer and take two minutes of your wash time in the morning – you’ll save water too!


Get organised

All it takes is 15 minutes. Apparently when we see tasks in short time frames, we’re far more likely to hit it. Whether it’s tackling bills, sorting your wardrobe or hitting a tedious cleaning task, set the timer and challenge yourself to be done before the ringer goes.


Get healthier

The same approach can help our diet too. Cravings – even for chocolate – pass in 15 minutes, so have the timer to the ready and be good to yourself!


Get more friends

Become a volunteer. Check out an array of opportunities around the UK at


Get a better job

Rethink working life – start your own business or ditch corporate life and do something entirely different at


Get better at your job

Take a nap. Sounds counterintuitive but daytime naps boost memory, so take a zzzz at lunchtime and boost your productivity.




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