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John Paul DeJoria: From Hair To Billionaire


How does a former Los Angeles gang member become a billionaire? With the right mix of hair care, tequila, various energy holdings and philanthropy. John Paul DeJoria was born in Los Angeles in 1944. His parents divorced early in his life and, after his mother found it too difficult to support DeJoria and his brother, the pair was placed in a foster home.


After deciding that gang life in LA probably wasn’t the best way to spend his career, DeJoria first checked into the US Navy before bouncing through a series of menial jobs. He eventually found his way into hair care, working for Redken Laboratories. He secured a $700 loan and found a business partner in Paul Mitchell, the man with whom he would build his hair care empire. Over the years, DeJoria’s ambitions grew. He co-founded the The Patron Spirits Company, makers of the world famous Patron Ultra Premium Tequila. He also maintains interests in the oil and natural gas sectors, and was a founding partner of the House of Blues. It seems that almost everything John Paul DeJoria touches has turned to gold. He has also taken his good fortune and given back in many ways. His philanthropic efforts include involvement in the Food for Africa organization, where he has helped to feed and nourish over 17,000 orphaned children.


“Good hairstylists never die. Vidal Sassoon and Paul Mitchell will always live on.”


“John Paul DeJoria is the epitome of cool and knows how to make people look fabulous. He is proof that a life’s choice isn’t simply which gang to join. You can be successful outside of crime.” – Bernardo Moya

Bernardo Moya

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