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January 2015

January! New year, new start, and we have plenty this issue to inspire you for a year of personal development and success. Whether you are making resolutions or just inspired to focus on the goals you want to achieve, we have insights and expert advice to get you started.

Our cover star, Ben Affleck, is no stranger to fresh starts. After early career success, he suffered a string of Box Office disasters and says he became, “a little bit exhausted of myself and my life.” Returning to screen his directing has been critically acclaimed and he is currently riding high once more with his latest release, Gone Girl.

We also meet music man John Robinson who explains why certain songs stick in our mind – science plays a key part in the reason that those ear worm tunes are so hummable. He also has advice for Simon Cowell.

Celebrity chef Dipna Anand explains what it takes to succeed in the kitchen – she has extended her family’s renowned Brilliant restaurant by taking her Indian food on the road with pop up kitchens.

Eating well is key to a healthy body and mind, and we have all you need to improve your nutrition, get fit and save cash on groceries – handy if Christmas has dented your finances. to get started.

If 2015 is the year you’re determined to achieve business success, discover what it takes to become a life coach and be inspired by Lynn Kitchen who explains how she and her colleagues support working women.

Instagram has become the social media channel that unites friends, family and fans of the famous.

Let us know your plans for the year ahead – email us as [email protected] and tell us your story, we’d love to hear from you.

This month’s contributors include: Andrew Parsons, Paula Goode, Bryan Szabo, Justin Stoneman, Dipna Anand, Rhiannon Lambert, Jim Atkins, Lynn Kitchen, Jamelle Sanders, Lon Safko


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