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The best makers of personal development videos inspire millions of people around the world through their motivational vlogs

Ruba Said

Ruba Zai

This 22-year-old Arab girl living in the Netherlands has a fervent passion for all things fashion and beauty – but that’s not the interesting part. In addition to the more typical videos you’d see on any beauty channel, Ruba gives inspiring hijab tutorials, as well as different ways to dress modestly, but still fashionably. Oh, and if that isn’t enough to elicit a follow, she’s teaching tolerance and respect t her millions of followers.




Joshua Evans, 32, AKA JoshuaDTV, says his Youtube channel is a place where you can be yourself and be accepted for it. ‘I believe in love and a lot of my content reflects that. Life isn’t always fair or kind so be nice to people and do your best you’. Joshua opens his vlogs with his signature “What’s up inernet!!”, and although he no longer delivers new content daily his followers remain forever loyal to his life-affirming brand of vlogging.


Joey Graceffa

Joey Graceffa

Joey vlogs every single day (yes, really) and his motto is ‘LETS BE NERDS TOGETHER’. He is one over-achieving American, with not one but two YouTube channels. One is dedicated to gaming, while the other covers everything in life – from low culture to high, humanitarian issues and silly trends, He’s also an actor, producer, singer, and author – his new novel Children of Eden is out now.


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