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In Search of Dating Energy

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If you’re finding yourself in a drought of no love coming, and the drought has been going on for more time than you’re comfortable talking about, it’s likely because you’re lacking in something I like to call “Dating Energy”.

So what is Dating Energy you ask?

I write a lot about this concept and have included it in my book Attract Authentic Love (available on Amazon) and speak about it often due to its’ great importance in the success of your dating life. Basically, the way Dating Energy works is kind of like a streak. Have you ever noticed that when you’re looking for a job, for instance, you either are having no luck at all and it seems that every door is closing in your face or you seem to be just irrationally inundated by offers?  It sometimes doesn’t make any sense and you can’t really tell what exactly you’ve done differently to change your luck, but when it changes it’s incredible. You may have not even done any major change on your CV or anything really, but just one offer leads to another and another. Or you can have made loads of changes and things still continue as badly as they were going before.

Dating Energy is that amazing streak of great dates that you get just simply by starting the streak in the first place. What this means is that you first need to date pretty much anyone (yes I mean anyone) to start off the streak. Hence, one date (no matter how not great) then leads to more dates and to more dates, until you get that amazing date that becomes that amazing person that you want to keep dating exclusively. The only key to all of this is that you MUST ENJOY the dating process (no matter how little you want to keep dating the initial people you go out with). Have fun with it, get to know the person sitting across from you, enjoy the process of dating. Dating should be fun after all. Dating Energy begins with you going out and meeting perspective people to date. It doesn’t matter where and how you meet them by the way. I teach clients that you can meet someone fantastic anywhere and I myself (and most of my clients) are examples of this working successfully. If you really don’t have time to go out, there are plenty of online sites and apps that you can use to meet people. In fact, one of my most popular individual sessions is helping busy clients to set up a successful online or app profile.

Once you’re actively out there meeting people, you are likely to be invited out on a date. If this isn’t happening, sign up for one of my unblocking sessions (or come to one of my love issues undone workshops) to go through what might be going wrong and what you can do to improve your rate of success of what I call “closing the deal”. My advice to those who have suffered from a long non dating drought is to say “yes” to pretty much anyone who invites them out. Obviously, be smart and be safe and make sure to meet this person in a public place initially and for just a quick drink or coffee date to start with (ask me more about this by booking a free 30 minute call here https://juliakellerdiscoverycall.as.me/schedule.php).

Whether you like the initial people you date and whether you want to see them again is irrelevant. The most important thing initially is just to date, date, date and HAVE FUN! You need to enjoy the process and show up being your best self. Bring your smile, your good mood and your genuine love of and interest in people in general. Remember that dating initially is just a discovery of the other person and isn’t meant to be pressure to find your next husband (or wife) or the future parent of your unborn child. The person sitting across from you may end up being your future partner or he/ she could just become a friend or maybe someone that you introduce to a single friend. Anything can happen. Many of my past dates that didn’t work out are now good friends.

Once Dating Energy is well established and you’re truly enjoying the process, you’ll start to feel really excited about dating and your energy will show it. You’ll find yourself becoming way more popular than you’d ever expected and you’ll inevitably end up meeting that someone amazing that you really want to date exclusively.

Now how great will that be?

If you need more help to uncover Dating Energy, you can book a free 30 minute call with me on www.juliakeller.co.uk or come to any of my upcoming workshops or talks (more info on www.juliakeller.co.uk and by emailing us at [email protected])

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Julia Keller is a Transformational Love Coach who empowers women and men to be the writer of their personal love story and to find, claim, and improve true love. Julia has studied what makes love succeed, and the qualities of those who find true love, in depth and has used it to help her clients towards their own personal love success stories. You can see more from Julia Keller on her website: www.juliakeller.co.uk, Follow her on Twitter: @JuliaKellerUK, on Facebook and Instagram: @coachjuliakeller and on YouTube (search Julia Keller Coaching). To schedule a free 30 minute Love Tune Up call, go to Julia’s website, or click this link: https://attractauthenticlove.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?appointmentType=1926282

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