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I don’t know how you do it – by Jo Haigh, Business and Finance Expert

Business and finance expert Jo Haigh reflects on what she does that enables her to achieve success – and causes people to say “I don’t know how you do it”.


When I heard that old phrase “I don’t know how you do it” for what seems like the gazillionth time I thought to myself: Well what do I do? Let’s reflect oh yes!

I have written three best selling business books, have just finished fourth for the FT and been commissioned to write a fifth.
I write countless business articles a month.
I train thousands of senior staff at around eighty events a year, devising and developing new material on an ongoing basis.
I sell or buy approximately twenty companies a year for clients across the country.
I sit on the board of seven companies as a NED
I travel thousands of business miles.
I am just setting up a new online business.
I run three homes, one overseas.
I bring up four children, five if you count my husband.
I organise all the holidays and social life we have from Christmas to Easter (the Christmas fairy has been MIA in our house for sometime so it falls to me to make it happen)
On reflection I am actually not sure how I do it!!!
The answer of course is “I” do not do it all.
I admit to being an A* control freak and like it to be my way, some may add “or the highway” (unfair but partially true).
I am, once I trust people, an A* delegator
I have help, and lots of it;
  • Brilliant PA’s (two and a half of them)
  • Fantastic professional support team
  • A full time housekeeper
  • Two gardeners
  • Every gadget you could think of
  • and the rest
BUT even with all that I am very, very organised.
I am one of those very sad people who writes everything down. Yes, I have lists of lists.
I have a daily update from each of my key reports. I use every moment to maximum advantage by travelling in anything other than the car (where I am driving) if I possibly can, that means I can write, use the phone and catch up on emails in what would otherwise be down time.
I take my work to the hairdressers and even the beauticians, the latter being somewhat challenging at times. Even a multitasker like me struggles with a manicure and sending emails from the iPad.
I do as much shopping on line as possible and have all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped by end of September latest (sad you say, effective says I).
I am also blessed with very good health and much more than average stamina. If I am not very, very busy all the time I feel both worried and bored!!
I do go on holiday lots though to renew my batteries but largely after a few days I am getting itchy for a distraction.
This does not make me easy to live with I am sure but it has given me a modicum of success and largely I am happy, if manic.
Is this what makes a successful entrepreneur? Well it makes me.
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