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How to save an hour (in less than a minute)

The clocks spring forward on 29 March (hurrah! Light evenings and summer are just ahead), but FF and you can recapture that lost hour – we guarantee it only takes you 60 seconds to read how to do it…

1. Get ahead

It’s not just kids that need organising. Banish morning chaos and get a jump start on the day by prepping your outfit and work bag with purse, travel card and charged phone packed, the night before. You can effortlessly dress and be ready to go quicker than it takes to make a morning cuppa. Time saved: 5 minutes

2. Blitz breakfast

No, we don’t mean skip the most important meal of the day. Simply throw some soft fruit, a handful of oats, milk or yoghurt and a squeeze of honey into a blender and press the button – you’re good to go! Time saved: 10 minutes

3. Plan ahead

OK, this takes a little bit of prep, but use the family calendar (paper or digital) to create a masterplan – that’s everything from birthday parties (gifts and card) to dinners for the week and even when your credit card needs paying. That means everything you need for the day is easily spotted at a glance. Time saved: 20 minutes

4. Join the club

Make lunch a sociable affair, all week long. If you and your colleagues bring or buy lunch, take turns to cook for the crowd – prepare your specialty and treat your workmates to your legendary pasta bake, then enjoy their stirfry by return. You could find you tend to eat more healthily when you’re ‘sharing’ too. Time saved: 15 minutes

5. Pass it on

‘What’s for dinner?’ Instead of falling back on convenience meals or wellworn recipes, ask friends and family to share their favourite recipes. Create a Pinterest page and ask each to post their favourite dish so you have an instant ‘go to’ recipe finder, without having to pore through recipe books or websites – it’s your very own ‘tried and tested’ kitchen. Time saved: 10 minutes

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