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“I Am” “Happy” (The Movies) by Betsy Henry


“As a culture, I think we need to redefine what it means to be happy.”
~Tom Shadyac


We’re in the process of moving and have been for the past couple of months. Moving has made me look inward, reassess goals and see what’s important in life. Moving has been a trip to past, looking through old photos from my great grandparents to my three boys as babies. Moving has me looking through old letters of childhood. Moving has me looking to the future of a smaller yard, a more convenient home and more travel and writing time. Moving and packing has me thinking about the present with events like the Boston Marathon bombing. It reminds me how short life can be. You never know when someone you love walks out the door if this is the last time you will see them. While we all know this, we need reminders sometimes. life is short and time goes by quickly. I find myself thinking about how we spend half our lives acquiring things and providing for our families; and the other half trying to figure out what life is all about.


I find myself thinking, “Don’t wait to be happy.”


Don’t wait to do what you want to do in life.


Be who you were meant to be as child not what was/is expected of you.


Love, Happiness and Courage Flags


I recently watched two movies that might help you to become happier and see the world as a good place, regardless of how frightening the world seems out there:


The Movie: I Am


Tom Shaydac (Director of Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura, Nutty Professor to name a few) had a private plane, a very successful directing career, a 17,000 square foot home and the world at his feet. Then a bike accident changed his life. Armed with nothing but his innate curiosity and a small crew to film his adventures, Shadyac set out on a twenty-first century quest for enlightenment. He asked the question, “What’s wrong with our world and what can we do about it.” He ended up discovering what’s right with it. We are all connected – connected to each other and to everything around us.


Tom Shaydac: “My hope is that I AM is a window into Truth, a glimpse into the miracle, the mystery and magic of who we really are, and of the basic nature of the connection and unity of all things.”


What a movie!! I rented this from Netflix. Click here for more information on their website.


The Movie: Happy


Roko Belic teamed up with Tom Shadyac (above) and directed HAPPY. It is a documentary that takes us on a journey from the swamps of Louisiana to the slums of Calcutta in a search of what really makes people happy. The movie combines powerful interviews with the leading scientists in happiness research and real life stories of ordinary and extraordinary people around the world. HAPPY uncovers the secrets behind being happy!


Roko Belic: “In the course of making my happiness film, I learned something simple but completely illuminating. Research showed that just about all happy people have strong relationships. They are healthier and have happier children. They are more likely to find a creative solution to a problem and to help a stranger in need. Happy people have fewer conflicts and are less likely to commit crimes, pollute the environment or go to war. In other words, just about everything I cared about, everything I wished I could change in the world, was improved with being happy.”


I’ve watched this movie several times. Just love it!!


I streamed this from Netflix. It’s available to rent from Netflix, too. Or you can also rent the movie from their website. Click here for more information.


“This post first appeared on The Zen Mama’s Blog.”

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