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Workplaces compete to get fit

Count.It is a workplace wellness challenge that links any fitness wearable or app, allowing teams in different offices to count all activity towards their monthly tally. This way of ‘gamifying’ exercise among colleagues by adding the competitive edge creates a new kind of virtual wellness league. Count.It is reinventing workplace wellness, simply and easily encouraging people to join a colleague for a run at lunch break – or to simply take the stairs instead for eh lift.

The Video Doctor will see you now

Very often the most practical problem for a doctor and patient is one of location: can patients get to their doctors, or vice versa? And when they do, how much is the cost of that effort? Germany’s health economy will take a major step towards solving this problem with ‘Videosprechstunden’ (video consultations). As a part of the new e-health law which came into effect in January this year, the video consultation innovation is just one of many measures set to help more people get the help they need when they need it. in the law, which will apply feed the new innovations into the system incrementally over the next three years. In Germany alone, the e-health market is expected to generate sales of €400m this year alone.

Pharmacy prescribes VR pain relief

A Swedish pharmacy chain has created the first virtual reality app that can help patients with pain relief. Happy Place, created by agency Wenderfalck as a joint venture between Sweden’s largest private pharmacy, Apotek Hjärtat and VR therapy startup Mimerse, aims to distract patients from their pain with a peaceful, interactive environment. The VR’s scene is a serene lakeside campground, and guided relaxation and soothing music is optional, and it’s currently being tested by the public, for example when getting vaccinations, in order to be potentially rolled out further. Who said playing video games is bad for you?

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