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Tired of fake and bad news? Discover these uplifting stories from various corners of the globe that showcase the resilience and creativity of communities working together to inspire positive change, for a brighter and more sustainable future.

Doing good deeds actually reduces physical painby Hannah Frishberg

A new study has found that doing a good deed not only helps the recipient, but brings the giver physical pleasure and pain relief. “Acting altruistically relieved not only acutely induced physical pain among healthy adults but also chronic pain among cancer patients,” concluded the China-based authors in the study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. The researchers looked at the impact of being a good Samaritan in 280 people through two pilot studies and three experiments. MRI scans of patients’ brains found that an act of perceived kindness had an instant, deactivating impact on the portion of the brain that registers painful stimulation — the medial prefrontal cortex.

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Psychologists reveal 7 ways parents can drive happiness by helping kids find their purposeby Angelica Stabile

Kids who feel their lives have meaning are happier and healthier, psychologists say. Feeling a sense of purpose is a key factor in human happiness. That’s according to a recent Gallup poll, which found that 60% of Gen Zers who describe themselves as happy also say they have a sense of purpose at work or school. But while school is out for the summer, it’s important for parents and guardians to guide their kids in a direction that sparks interest, experts advise.

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How Americans Are ‘Paying it Forward’ Hundreds of Timesby Good News Network

A new study from the University of California–Irvine suggests that aromatherapy, often regarded for its role in enhancing ambiance rather than well-being, may actually benefit brain health. The research involved 43 participants aged 60 to 85, who were provided with diffusers for a six-month period. Half of the participants were instructed to diffuse essential oils for two hours nightly, while the control group used unscented distilled water. The study, published in Frontiers of Neuroscience, revealed that those who used essential oils experienced improved cognitive performance compared to the control group.

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