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Tired of fake and bad news? Discover these uplifting stories from various corners of the globe that showcase the resilience and creativity of communities working together to inspire positive change, for a brighter and more sustainable future.

From sketch to sea: diving into Wales’ underwater farming revolutionBy Jack Thompson

A Welsh seafood farm, called Câr-y-Môr, embodies a sustainable approach to harvesting from local waters, resembling underwater gardens. The farm utilizes 3D ocean farming techniques, marked by buoys along the coast near St David’s. Beneath the surface, these buoys support thick clusters of seaweed, mussels, oysters, and scallops, forming a thriving ecosystem.

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Workshops helping Indigenous high school students shape businesses with purpose for the futureBy James Tugwell

Jordan Nye, a Walbunja man, faced obstacles when he sought to start his own business in Mogo, New South Wales. Lacking guidance from entrepreneurs in his community, he struggled to find support. He eventually founded Muladha Gamara, which focuses on cultural tourism. Despite the novelty of his venture, Nye persevered, employing local Indigenous people to lead cultural programs and consultancy services.

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New Findings Suggest Aromatherapy May Benefit Cognitive FunctionBy Hannah Frye

A new study from the University of California–Irvine suggests that aromatherapy, often regarded for its role in enhancing ambiance rather than well-being, may actually benefit brain health. The research involved 43 participants aged 60 to 85, who were provided with diffusers for a six-month period. Half of the participants were instructed to diffuse essential oils for two hours nightly, while the control group used unscented distilled water. The study, published in Frontiers of Neuroscience, revealed that those who used essential oils experienced improved cognitive performance compared to the control group.

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