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Tomtom Touch


Sat-nav supremos TOMTOM has released its first fitness tracker — the TOMTOM Touch can calculate the muscle mass and body fat percentage of the wearer, spurring you on to challenge yourself further. It also monitors heart rate and sleep so you can build up a robust understanding of how your body works.


Listening to music leaves a lasting impression on the brain, and research shows it can even accelerate personal development. Surveys show that 81% of people work fastest and concentrate best when listening to music. Sonos is the simple and stylish way to play music in every room or workspace. Not only will it help stimulate and develop your brain, but it will also help wind you down after a big day.
Brita Fill Go Active

BRITA fill&go Active

Filtering tap water means a better tasting drink that is free of nasties. But, what about when you are on the go? The new BRITA fill&go Active squeezable sports bottle filters whilst you drink to ensure you stay healthy and hydrated, whether at a gym session or on your daily commute.
Bellabeat Leat

BellaBeat Leaf

Of course, wearable trackers no longer have to be worn on the wrist, and the stylish, discreet BellaBeat Leaf can be worn as a necklace or brooch, while tracking stress, steps, sleep and menstrual cycle.
Philips Hue Motion Sensor

Philips Hue Motion Sensor

The right lighting is key to maintaining a good, even mood. For the perfect glow in every room, Philips Hue Motion Sensor uses an app-controlled dimmer to provide ambient light throughout the day, from midnight toilet trips to morning yoga sessions. And it means teenagers can’t leave lights on.


Constantly losing your keys? Then Trackr is your solution. It is a slim Bluetooth tracking device for all your possessions. Simply attach it to any item, and you can trace it through your phone. Just don’t lose your phone!

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