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Go Go Gadget by Zane Henry


Modern life is filled with numerous stresses that can pick away at your quality of life and overall wellbeing. Thankfully, technology has contributed handy gizmos that help us to reclaim our lives bit by bit. These devices are your must-have life-improvers.

1. E-reader

Although some Luddites rail against the advent of e-readers as contributing to the death of actual books, there’s no denying the convenience of having millions of books in one nifty device. You’ll have unlimited intellectual stimulation at your fingertips.


2. Tablet

Tablets have moved on from being expensive indulgences for tech-heads to indispensable tools for modern living. You can check your email, make video calls, keep up with your social networking and lots more. The latest models boast amazing high-resolution screens that allow you to watch movies and play video games.


3. Zen Enso Aroma Diffuser

Blow your stress away. With just a bit of tap water and some essential oils, this diffuser releases relaxing fragrances without any humidity or condensation.  It’s safe, affordable and stylish. Think of it as a high-tech update to your old scented candles.


4. Smart TV

TV is so much more than TV these days. Smart TVs have integrated Internet capabilities that allow you to take advantage of streaming services like NetFlix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube. They provide social networking services and also have apps providing updates on weather, sports and news.


5. Ouya Console

This crowd-funded gaming console is predicated on the idea that gamers like to play around with stuff. The Android-based technology allows users to hack and customise to their hearts’ content.


6. 3D printer

The words ‘3D printer’ don’t really convey the monumental awesomeness of these devices. They allow you to design 3D objects on your computer and render them in exquisitely detailed plastic. You can create everything from teacups to figurines to shoes. The only limit is your imagination.


7. Roomba

These robotic butlers are cute as heck and very useful. You can set their timer to determine when they emerge from their alcoves to clean your place, like silent little elves. They can handle almost any surface and can navigate around chair legs and under tables.


8. Pebble Watch
Expecting watches to only tell the time is like expecting mobile phones to only make phone calls. The Pebble: E-Paper Watch (the most-funded project in Kickstarter history) wirelessly interfaces with your smartphone to bring up displays of calls, messages and other notifications. And yes, it does also tell the time.


9. Lark Sleep Monitor

A good night’s sleep is one of the prime contributors to one’s overall wealth and wellbeing, but the stresses of modern life can often get in the way. The mobile app and personal online dashboard coaches you based on your unique sleep patterns while a silent vibrating alarm gently nudges you awake.


10. Live Scribe Pen

This pen will thrill creative types. It captures everything you write or sketch on the special Live Scribe paper and sends it wirelessly to your email address or storage device. It even records audio so you can record your vocal notes. Never lose another great idea.


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