A chance to have truly meaningful conversations with interested people

My Expo Diary - Francesca

A chance to have truly meaningful conversations with interested people

The work of life coach and NLP practitioner, Francesca Meloni, has had a single focus: to help people realise the potential within themselves by working on their mindset and limiting beliefs. Francesca shares her experiences from the EXPO:

It doesn’t matter whether you are struggling with your relationship, job or family. The root of any pain, worry or anxiety is the false belief that you are not good enough to deal with whatever life throws at you and that something is wrong with you.

I believe that it all starts with the individual. Although we have been conditioned to believe that we will be happy when we find our soul mate, our dream job, financial stability and so forth, the reality is that nothing outside yourself will ever bring you enough happiness, fulfilment and emotional freedom desired. People need to believe that they are worthy, and that they are good enough before seeing the results they wish to see in their lives.

The EXPO offered me the chance to meet new and existing clients. I try to stay in touch with people on Facebook, yet nothing can replace the personal experience of actually meeting. It gives me the opportunity to meet people and give a tailored message about what they need.

I had some amazing exchanges with people; truly meaningful conversations with interested people, and some of them were deeply touched by it and left feeling better about themselves. I am so grateful for their support and encouragement, and that is why I love my job so much.

I also loved seeing Jason Vale speak. His energy is amazing. I get so much from seeing inspirational people talk; focus, inspiration, commitment, it gives me the feeling that if they can do it, then so can I.

For more information visit www.francesca-meloni.com

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