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Four simple steps for manifesting your desires by Natalie Ekberg


We all wish that manifesting our desires was as easy as the popular belief “dream it, believe it—bam! There it is!” Natalie Ekberg points out that, although this formula is correct, a certain amount of work is required—just like with everything else in life. Answering the questions below will get you started.


Do you know exactly what you want?

This might seem obvious, but many of us struggle with this simple statement. Allow me to challenge you here: Do you really not know what it is you want, or are you afraid to admit the truth? The best way to create a genuine desires inventory is to ask yourself the following questions: If you could do/have/be absolutely anything, what would it be? Unleash the genie from the bottle and go for it. Make a list as long as you wish. Pretend Santa is your personal assistant, sitting in your office, taking note of everything your little heart craves. Then, reflect on your list and simplify. Honesty is the key: Do you really, truly want this item, or is it your ego just having a field trip? Does a house in France make your heart sing with joy, or do you want it because Suzy, your neighbour, has got two already? Over time, you will be able to narrow down your list to the things that really matter – the ones you know will bring you true happiness.


Is your subconscious mind backing your desire?

This is a tricky one. “How am I supposed to know what the heck is going on in my subconscious mind?” you ask. Think about your conscious mind as the captain of a ship, and think about your subconscious mind as the crew working the decks. The captain can say whatever he wants if the crew is steering the ship in the wrong direction, but he can’t do much. Ideally, both the crew and the captain would want to get the ship to exactly where it’s supposed to be going (you know where, since you answered the first question). More often than not, we want ‘stuff’, but deep down inside, we don’t believe it can happen to us; that is your subconscious mind sabotaging you; that is your crew having a nap while the ship is drifting towards an iceberg. If you really want to manifest your desires, you need the captain and crew to work in harmony and support each other. Test the process with something you have never tried before (so that you don’t have any evidence to prove whether or not this is possible for you). Remember how, when we were children, it was our second nature to just throw ourselves into doing, experimenting and trying? This is the mindset you need to return to. Leap into the ocean of your desires and believe that you possess all the swimming skills necessary to carry you to the shores of manifestation.


How do you respond to obstacles that are in your way?

I know many people who were excited to work with this process – until they expected ‘things to happen’, and then those things never did. When you come to this crossroad, you have two options: You can call the process ‘doomed, unrealistic and pure rubbish’ and get back to your old, grumpy self, or you can persevere and keep believing. Remember those fairy tales where the prince had to overcome multiple challenges to secure his ultimate prize, the beautiful princess? Making his way through the forest wasn’t enough. Identifying her hiding place wasn’t enough. Only slaying the dragon finally did the trick! Your journey towards manifesting your desires may be similar, but in the end, you will get your prize, whether that’s Prince Charming or a red Ferrari. Obstacles will always be a part of the journey; how you respond to them will determine your final outcome.


Can you give up control?

Quite often the way things manifest themselves is unexpected. You need to learn to give up control and embrace this. But you must be careful; do not misunderstand this step as ‘no action being required from me’. You still need to keep the exact vision of your goal and relentlessly work towards it. If you do that, the universe will speed things up and find the most creative way to deliver its part.


The questions above should be viewed as a roadmap, helping you along the way if you feel temporarily lost on your quest towards manifesting your desires. Please use them as you see fit; utilize the principles that feel right for you at any given moment. Most importantly, remember that you were born to be happy, and that creating your own happiness is one of the most important actions you can take.






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