February 2014

Welcome to a brand new issue of The Best You! February may be cold and dreary for those of us in the northern hemisphere, but it’s also the month of love. So snuggle up with your loved one and take advantage of all the romance this month has to offer. And if you’re single, call a friend and have dinner and a movie with them.

Richest man in the world and professional geek, this month’s cover star is Bill Gates. The founder of Microsoft was a difficult child and a challenging student, but his genius shone through and certainly helped the world. He is also one of the most charitable celebrities. And we have an interview with the amazing Les Brown, who has overcome so many challenges in life and gone on to inspire millions.

We are honoured to have recipes from Jamie Oliver’s latest book, Save With Jamie, featured in this issue. With the economy as tough as it is, we need to save money wherever we can – something Jamie understands.

Depression is a problem that is not being given enough attention, specifically when it affects children. Frances Burrows, the director of Mindfull, focuses on the problems we are facing and what can be done. And Jack Canfield says that everyone is a teacher. All you have to do is embrace your unique selling point.

And since it’s the month of love, we got a special contributor, Jordin Keim of All Women Stalk, to write us a Valentine-themed Bucket List. See how many of these items you and your partner can check off.

All this and so much more!

All contributors include: Frances Burrows, Jack Canfield, Jordin Keim, Kay Cooke, Kristen White, Jamie Oliver, Joseph Clough, Kate Northrup, Robin Sharma, Gerry Robert, Marisa Peer, Damon Segal and Steven Burda


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