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The Essential Guide to Good Healthy Sleep by Roman Soluk


Today, the intense rhythm of life of most people leaves not much time for sleep. Many can only dream about the full eight-hour sleep.

But, night’s sleep is of great importance to our health and well-being, so we must try to make it quality and healthy. You should know some rules for a good and healthy sleep, which promotes vitality, prevents stress and fatigue, gives the body energy and strength. Because your mood throughout a day depends on the quality of your sleep.

Here are some useful recommendations on how to have a good quality sleep. You should know where to sleep, what clothes to wear during your sleep, how to prepare for it, etc.

Tips for healthy sleep

A place to sleep

The place where you are going to sleep should be comfortable and properly prepared. An important detail here is the mattress. You need to buy a good mattress to make your sleep healthy and good quality.

Clothes for sleeping

When choosing clothes for sleeping you must pay attention to fabrics, they should be natural, so that your body could breathe. Don’t put on your underwear under a nightgown or pajamas. The ideal option would be to go to bed without any clothes (if possible).

Eating before bedtime

As for eating before bedtime, you shouldn’t eat heavy foods. You shouldn’t eat meat later than 4 hours before bedtime. Fruits and vegetables are good to eat 1 hour before bedtime, and juices – 10-15 minutes. The statement of not eating after 6 PM in the evening should be understood properly, because most people go to bed at different times. So if you go to bed at midnight and eat at 6 PM, you’ll be very hungry. In such cases it’s good to eat about 8 PM.

What else to do before bedtime?

  • Before going to sleep it will be good to take a warm bath, thus, you can relax.
  • Air the room before going to bed.
  • Avoid all stresses before going to sleep.
  • Making love will also help to get positive emotions and a relaxing effect on your body.
  • During sleep there should be no loud noises, for example, if you have a loud ticking clock, replace it with more quiet.
  • Try to drink less coffee and give up smoking.

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