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Drive, power and success by Geoff Edwards


“Where are you on your journey to success?” asks Geoff Edwards. Are you clear on what your life is about, what motivates you, and how you manage yourself so that you feel outstanding? Sometimes, things can derail us, and if we are not in control of our lives, it impacts how we feel every day.


We are all here to enjoy life and, while there are challenges that we all have every day, it’s a matter of deciding how long you will spend in an un-resourceful state. It’s about creating success on your own terms, living the life you truly deserve, and achieving goals that you are passionate about. This article will assist you in understanding how you can create consistency with success and feel and look great. I have summarized the approach for you into four key areas.


Discover Yourself

Since childhood your identity and sense of self have been developed through family, work and experiences. Quite often, however, there are defining moments in our lives that give us a wake-up call and question our previous conditioning and our own stories that keep us in our comfort zones.


People travel across the globe in search of themselves; many of them have the same question on their minds: How do I discover myself? The answer may surprise you. The task is not that difficult. If you spend time and energy on aligning who you are, with what you do, you will be well on your way to true freedom.


Decide what motivates you

Take a moment to be clear about what motivates you. Do you want to be your own boss, win a fitness competition, start a charitable cause, or write a book? What is the underlying driver of those desires? Is it money? Status? Fame? Do you want more time with your family? What about security? Do you love doing something so much that being able to do it for a living drives you? Do you need the autonomy of working for yourself?


If you have a good idea of what’s driving you, it is important to also note daily if you are totally driven, or distracted. By knowing what distracts you and your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours at the time, you will increase your awareness, which will allow you to move forward.


Develop your Personal Power

The foundation for your Personal Power comes from your identity, values, and needs. Abraham Maslow’s a hierarchy of needs starts with our most basic of needs such as food clothing and shelter and then moves through to more deeply felt needs like self-actualisation. When we know this, we will understand how to manage ourselves and what we need in our lives. Also, if you have unmet needs, it could be because you are suppressing these needs. Some people resort to unhealthy activities like smoking or drinking to fill the void caused by our unfulfilled needs. We can also pass on this “shadow effect” of unmet needs to others, which can cause relationship issues. So, it is important to allow all of your needs to be satisfied as this is your true character.


Another important aspect of Personal Power is your state and how you feel daily. By being in tune with your emotions, your physiology, and what drives you, you can empower yourself. Knowing patterns of behaviour and how you operate daily leads you to new awareness and growth. Studying and practicing the habits of successful and driven individuals creates the right mindset for success. In addition, by establishing a support network on your journey to success, you can increase your drive and motivation.


Change your Perception

How you experience life is controlled by how you perceive yourself. One of the first things you need to do to change your perception is improve your awareness, especially how you look at and label things. Do any of the following sound familiar: “I know I will mess this up” – “I never achieve enough.” To put things another way, do you always see the problem in every situation or do you see its solution? Do you have a “glass half empty perspective”? If you’re not sure what your answer is, you need to pay more attention to how you react to certain situations. Be aware of when these thoughts come and address them before they happen so you can control them. In either case, having more information improves the authenticity of your perceptions.

The Best You

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