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The Best You’s Bernardo Moya meets Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Leader and a world-leading Feng Shui Master

With Belgium as her birthplace and France as her home, Marie Diamond may be a woman of the West, but she takes huge inspiration from the East. Her expertise ranges from Feng Shui and Dowsing to meditation and ancient wisdom, and she shares it with her clients in a joyful, comprehensible and deeply spiritual way.

Marie is also passionate about creating transformational leaders around the world. As the President and Founder of the Association of Transformational Leaders, she inspires organisations and countries to transform their systems. Her work has already reached more than 100,000 students across 190 countries, and Marie’s aim is to reach millions more through the energy systems she has created to uplift humanity, including Diamond Feng Shui and Diamond Leadership.

Q: When did you first realise you had a special gift?

A: As a child I could see people’s energy fields and chakras, I thought everybody could! When I was seven I met my spiritual teacher who taught me my first meditation, so I have actually meditated since that age. He also told me to draw everything I wanted to accomplish in my life. So because I wanted to have a happy family, he gave me five colours to work with; citrus green, light blue, rose, yellow and purple, which I used to draw my dreams every day. I always suggest that people let children draw every day, or as much as they can, because they’re opening up to what is possible in their world.

Q: You grew up to become a lawyer for the Belgian and European governments. What made you pursue a different path?

A: When I was 31 and had been practising law for five years I decided it was time to let go of that world and I became a spiritual teacher. I started by teaching meditation, which I called Inner Diamonds, and my first clients were people in the government that wanted to learn how to be like me: optimistic, joyful and peaceful. As a lawyer I’m a very practical person, so I needed to show people these are the steps you need to take. I work with a lot of colours to teach them to be very open-minded.

Q: How did you get into Feng Shui?

A: My spiritual teacher, when I was a child, told me I had bad Feng Shui, and explained that my environment and where I slept was not supporting my goals. I have to be honest, I hated that bedroom, there was wallpaper like in my sister’s room, but it was not connected to me. He told me to change the colour and put images around that are very powerful? I did this, and felt my life shift – I became more confident, healthier and got my first boyfriend. I had so much more sunshine that I started attracting other things in my life.

Q: Can you explain how it works?

A: Feng Shui means wind and water, it’s a 4,000-year-old Chinese tradition which believes that the environment influences people’s happiness. The ancient Chinese saw how the energy from the landscape was influencing the way people were thinking, feeling and influencing their luck. So, they started bringing forward formulas based on directions and degrees, identifying that when people live in a certain kind of house they are happier, have better relationships, better health and make more money. These formulas were passed on from Master to Master, and these Feng Shui Masters left China and took the wisdom to the Western world.

Q: How did you become a Feng Shui Master?

A: My spiritual teacher said that when I turned about 30 more information would come my way. At that age I was helping people with meditation and coaching, giving them that ‘ah ha’ moment. So, they were going home super enthusiastic, but they’d go back into their environment and their energy went down again, because the environment was telling a different story. Then I started sharing some practical things about changing their environment. Soon after, I went to a big conference on Feng Shui and met a Grand Master and knew immediately that this is the Master I needed to connect with. It was very hard to be allowed in his circle, but he actually said he would teach me. He said, “it will be easier for you because you can see the energy.” I started really practicing very intensely, and after about 10 years my Grand Master told me I could take on the title of Master.

Q: Can anyone employ energy and Feng Shui principles to improve their lives using your Marie Diamond app?

A: Yes, absolutely. It’s based on your birthday, as everyone has a certain direction of energy in their life, and then it gives direction on the four compass directions: one for health, one for relationships and one for wisdom and one for success or motivation. By taking a small step every day you’re moving forward. The app helps people accept that you have the power to transform. It’s based on my belief that you need a holistic approach to changing your life. It’s not just the mind that needs to be focused on and change, it’s also how your heart feels and how your environment is set up. You have to work hard at it and welcome change. A lot of people are uncomfortable with change; however, it’s an essential part of growing and developing.

For more information visit www.mariediamond.com

To watch Bernardo’s video interview with Marie visit www.thebestyou.co

Marie will be speaking at The Best You EXPO 2018, both in London and in California, visit www.thebestyouexpo.com for more information

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