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Dear LOA: What’s The Point Of Being Here by Melody Fletcher


So there I was a few months ago, lying in bed one night, meditating as I often do (I can get into deeper meditations in the dark), when I had another one of my epiphanies. I’ve had a few in my life, some huge (like the one I’m about to share here), many slightly less huge (like when I figured out that I could stop a panic attack by stepping into it rather than fighting it), and tons of insights about my own personal life (like the time when I saw every moment of my life laid out and understood how every second of it had served me, something I haven’t written about because the information flow was so intense that words completely fail me). Let’s just say that I’ve dedicated a lot of time to figuring shit out.

This moment of clarity was so profound, so mind-blowing, that I wasn’t even able to attempt to put it into words for several days. And even then, it was a disaster. I remember my first effort to try and describe what I’d witnessed to a friend of mine. I’m normally fairly eloquent (this girl can talk, damn it), but this time I was um-ing and ehm-ing all over the place, trying to find the right words and phrases, the analogies and metaphors that would convey even a fraction of the understanding I’d gained. I’m not going to say that I failed completely (my friend is very intuitive and has had many similar experiences), but it wasn’t pretty. I certainly wasn’t ready to write about it. Until now.

[Friendly neighborhood disclaimer: This is a HUGE topic. It is not going to be an easy read. I will do my best to give you the overview, but if I went into detail, I could spend days, even weeks or months explaining it all. I wasn’t going to even try to put this in a blog post, but my intuition said “Do it”, and well, I listen to her. This post isn’t meant to answer all of your questions (it will probably lead to more. You have been warned), but rather to broaden your perspective and let you take it from there.]   

Today, I’m going to tell you why we’re here. I’m going to give you the meaning of life as I have come to understand it. This is my interpretation of the energy I tapped into. Others have translated it slightly differently, but the gist is the same. No, this information isn’t new. It’s been around since the beginning of time, but I didn’t really get it until that fateful night. And no, it might not satisfy all of you. Remember that you don’t have to accept or believe anything you read here. Ok, are you ready?

The evolution of perspective

I’ve written quite a bit about Who We Really Are, non-physical beings of pure love who project part of themselves into this denser dimension so that we might experience the physical. I’ve told you that we’re here to have fun, to experience joy through the physical, and that suffering isn’t really necessary, although still valuable. But WHY are we really here? Can’t we just have fun in the non-physical? If Who We Really Are is pure love and joy, then what do we need this reality for?

Everything in the Universe, including Who We Really Are in our non-physical state, is energy all vibrating at different frequencies. We don’t have access to all frequencies at the same time. For example, if you vibrate at one frequency, you will have access only to the range of wavelengths that are close to your vibration, and not those which are far away. I explained this in much greater detail in the post How Exactly Do We Create Our Reality? A Technical Explanation. Another way of saying this is that in any given moment, you can only experience the range of frequencies which are near you.

So, when you meditate and raise your vibration, or even if you take more drastic measures to achieve a Quantum Leap, you can only ever gain access to the highest vibration that is within the range which you have access to. Over time, as you continue to evolve, you can gain access to higher and higher vibrations. But what, exactly, does that mean?

Let’s say that you meditate regularly. As you do, you are reaching for the highest vibration you have comfortable access to (the closer you get to your current limit, the more uncomfortable it will get). When you achieve that high vibration, you feel calm and safe and peaceful. If you stay in that state, you will attract thoughts and ideas that vibrate on that same frequency – you’ll get clarity. In that moment, you might have an idea that solves several of your up until now unsolvable problems. You might understand why certain events in your life occurred and how you manifested them. You might suddenly figure out what belief has been holding you back in your love life and instantly release it. You will gain access to a higher level perspective. (I bolded that because it’s important. Stay with me, y’all).

“Raising” your Vibration

Now, as you continue to meditate, your core vibration rises. Whereas your perspective was mostly negative before, you’ve gradually (but not necessarily slowly) shifted into a more positive one. Better feeling thoughts are easier for you to think. Problems don’t loom as large, it’s easier for you to imagine that a solution might exist even if you don’t yet know what it is, and you’re willing to trust that it will present itself. You leave the doom and gloom behind and become more of a silver lining kind of person. In other words, you see the world from or through a different perspective, one that feels better.

In order to be able to choose a better feeling perspective, you must first be able to see that new point of view; you have to know that it exists. Raising your vibration will give you access to new and different points of view (like walking up a mountain and getting a better view), allowing you to choose a better feeling. We always choose the best feeling perspective that we truly have access to, unless we’re resisting them. This is our natural inclination, so it’s not something we have to do deliberately.

So, a more accurate way of saying “raising your vibration”, would be to say “broadening your perspective.” Each time we broaden our perspective, we gain access to new, better feeling points of view which we then naturally adopt. If we find worse feeling perspectives, we don’t naturally adopt them. We can be trained to do this, by being taught that certain points of view aren’t valide, but our natural inclination is always to feel better.

When we block off perspectives, when we decide that certain points of view are invalid, unacceptable or out of reach for some reason, we call that resistance (this is a new definition of resistance I have never given before). When we block our natural inclination to find new perspectives, when we stop ourselves from expanding our view, we feel discomfort. Therefore, “releasing resistance” is really just accepting the validity of perspectives we previously wouldn’t allow. Notice, I didn’t say that we have to adopt or agree with all perspectives. To open up the energy, we simply need to accept them as valid.

When you’re in a debate and you can see the other person’s point of view, when you can understand where they’re coming from and why, you accept their perspective. You may still prefer your opinion over theirs, but you’re no longer invalidating their views. And when you accept their side as valid, the fighting stops, true communication can begin, the energy opens up and flows.

The value of each perspective

So, when I say that we only have access to a certain range of vibrations, what I mean is that we only have access to a certain range of perspectives or points of view. The “higher” your vibration, the broader your perspective, the bigger your point of view. The more perspectives you can allow, the less suffering there is (remember that suffering is simply a byproduct of blocking perspectives). Allowing a perspective and experiencing it, aren’t the same thing. You experience a perspective when you fully agree with it, when it becomes your truth. You can allow a different perspective as valid without making it your truth.

Now each being, physical and non-physical, has a unique perspective. Just for the sake of clarity, I’m going to focus on humans for now, but the same holds true for everything in the Universe. So, at any given moment, you in your human form, have a perspective that’s completely unique to you, resulting from your unique life experience, thoughts, ideas, and focus. Others may share a similar point of view, sometimes very similar, but never completely the same. Your perspective is uniquely your own just as my perspective is uniquely mine.

As Who We Really Are projects itself through our human form, we get to experience each unique perspective. And because we are all connected, that unique perspective gets added to the experience of all that is or Collective Consciousness. This, in a nutshell, is how the Universe evolves and expands.

We create and experience

In our human form, we can’t experience more than one perspective at a time. We can know there are others and we can switch back and forth, but our ability to fully experience points of view as our truth at the same time is limited (this, again, adds to the uniqueness of our perspective). We have no such limitation in our non-physical state. And yet, the Law of Attraction still applies. We can only experience the frequencies or points of view that are in our vibrational vicinity. To put it in simpler terms, we can’t experience the denser physical frequencies while in our non-physical state. We can understand them, we can accept them, we can know that they’re there, but we can’t fully experience them. You can’t fully know what it’s like to be an ant, until you’ve been an ant. You can’t fully know what it’s like to be poor, until you’ve been poor. You can’t fully know what it’s like to be a woman, a man, a rich person, a tree hugger, a clown, a corporate big shot, a sexy fireman, a dog lover, a triathlete, an ANYTHING, unless you’ve been one. You can imagine, you can sympathize, you can empathize, but you cannot really KNOW.

And that is why we’re here: to fully experience all these different perspectives and to add to the expansion of the Collective Consciousness and the Universe. We create the physical from the non-physical so that we (and many, many others like us) can project ourselves into the physical and fully experience points of view we otherwise couldn’t. We are explorers, full of curiosity, sifting through all the available data (what Abraham calls “the contrast”), looking for our next perspective to adopt. You can see this so clearly in children: they want to see everything, touch everything, go everywhere. They will explore until they drop, and the next day, they’ll do it again.

We are also creators, actually producing new points of view. Consider that each point of view is like a point of light, in an infinite Universe.

From each point of light, or star, if you will, you can perceive the other stars around you, as well as yourself. And in between those stars, there is space – space just waiting to be filled with new stars, new points of view not yet discovered, not yet experienced. Each time we become a point of light that is already present (think a thought that already existed, merge with existent energy), we add our unique perspective to it, creating a new point of light just next to the first one. When we create something extraordinary or shocking, something never seen before, we’ve created in a space with few or no other points of light near our new one. So, each moment that you are alive, you are creating and experiencing new points of view, that your non-physical counterpart then also gets to experience through you.

All perspectives are equally valid

Seen from this perspective, we cannot judge one perspective to be more valid than another. Poor isn’t worse than rich and rich isn’t less spiritual than poor. Sickness isn’t less valid than health (it isn’t necessary, but it’s still valuable). A man born in a devastated region of the world is no less powerful a creator than someone who works on Wall Street. This also explains why a person in a poverty stricken region of the world could actually be happier than someone who seemingly has everything. It’s not a matter of things or possessions or station in life. It’s a matter of how allowing you are. You cannot measure another person’s success by how much they’ve accomplished or how they live. You have no idea what perspective they are experiencing. It is possible to be happy with nothing and to be incredibly unhappy with “everything”. It all comes down the perception of the individual, and no one but that individual can judge that.

Notice that even though one perspective is just as valid as another, you will still have your preferences. Just don’t assume that everyone else shares your preferences. They are part of your unique perspective, part of your own experience.

The perfection of all that is

As we experience each new “truth”, each unique perspective, we experience not only our reality around us, but ourselves, as well. Think of it this way. If you put on those glasses that optometrists use to check your eyes, you’d have many different options of lenses to choose from – many very similar, some very different. So, you choose a particular combination, and you look at the world around you. Everything you look at is adding to your unique perspective and experience. You’re gathering data, so to speak, adding to the picture of the whole. Now, you don’t just look at the room and other people, you also look at yourself through those lenses, and you perceive yourself.

If you change to a different lens, even if it’s almost the same as the first, your perspective will change with it. You will add more experiences to the whole – slightly different data. Now, consider that you are the non-physical being, projecting itself through that human avatar, taking on a certain perspective, perceiving the world, the avatar and, if your human avatar is so inclined, even yourself (the avatar perceiving the non-physical being through whatever lens it has on).

You can experience Who You Really Are to whatever degree you can allow. Who You Really Are has a vibration, too, or rather, a range of vibrations (just as you are a collection of vibrations). You can access the frequencies in that range that you’re a match to. It’s like looking at an object with a very bright light behind it. At first, if you look directly at it, you can’t see anything, and you’ll be blinded. The experience won’t be a good one. But, if you put on sunglasses, you can see more. It filters out much of the light, so you can see the object, although, it’s black and white and you can only make out the general shape. As your eyes adjust, you’re able to perceive more and more of the object. You could then switch to lighter sunglasses and get an even better looks. Eventually, you’re able to take the glasses off completely and see the colors and details you couldn’t before.

So, when you connect with Who You Really Are, you are only ever able to perceive as much of it as you are ready for. As you perceive the world around you, which is filled with that very same energy, you will always perceive just as much (no more, no less) as you are ready for (or a match to). And again, each perspective is valuable. Each point of view is data. Because as we perceive each point of light and in between, from each newly created point of light, we are adding to the picture, to the knowledge, to the experience, to the truth of the ever expanding, never ending, always evolving, infinite whole.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is God, experiencing himself.

I know, right?

This post first appeared on Deliberate Receiving.

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