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Danny Wallace’s “Random Acts of Kindness”

Danny Wallace’s “Random Acts of Kindness” gives you 365 ways to make other people’s lives better. Here are a handful of suggestions from this cult book.


On a Sunday morning, pop round to a hungover friend’s house, bringing with you bacon, eggs, beans and toast…

Make them a fry-up and a cup of tea.


Pay for a Stranger’s Meal!

Last half term, visiting my local cafe for my traditional Friday morning bacon and egg sandwich, I noticed a mum and her little boy at a table by the window. She had toast and he was tucking into a fried breakfast. I thought it would be nice to chip in and pay for their mini feast. The following Friday I learnt that the mum in question had been unceremoniously dumped by her husband, and with ridiculous debts had been rendered homeless prior to finding a one-bed council flat. The visit to the cafe was the only treat she could afford for her little boy in his half-term holiday and when she found someone had paid anonymously, she burst into tears.

It may sound just a little selfish but I felt really good about that one.

(Adrian Thompson, Cheltenham)


Give a pot plant to a bus driver. It will brighten up their dashboard.


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