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How a Positive Mindset Can Help You Build a Business

From Rags To Riches Life is different for every person. Many people have been born in a “Golden Cradle”: big houses, luxury cars, full cupboards, the best schools, well-positioned, and so on. Meanwhile, others have had to face misfortune, homeless, watching life go by, hopeless, without any reason to fight. I happened to live part […]

Life in the fast lane of the information highway by Damon Segal

  Imagine that having a website is like owning a car. Before you buy one you have to decide what you want and what you need. Should it be fast, economical, luxurious, basic, flash, powerful, loaded with gadgets etc? All these factors will affect the cost of your car; some cars have great engines but […]

I don’t know how you do it – by Jo Haigh, Business and Finance Expert

Business and finance expert Jo Haigh reflects on what she does that enables her to achieve success – and causes people to say “I don’t know how you do it”.   When I heard that old phrase “I don’t know how you do it” for what seems like the gazillionth time I thought to myself: Well […]