Can technology cure heartbreak?

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Lovesickness can be even harder in the digital age, but now tech can help

Smartphones can be instruments of torture during difficult romantic times, but there’s a host of new apps that promise to help people move on. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind here we come….

Rx Breakup

This app offers simple, effective 30-day programme that encourages you to let go of negative patterns and focus on becoming the 2.0 version of yourself. Created by LA-based therapist Jane Reardon, RX Breakup rolls out clinical expertise stylishly, while also building your confidence, so you can move on and meet someone better than your ex.


Created by an Aussie relationship expert and former agony aunt @zotheysay, BreakUpBoss is an app designed to ‘tell you what to do with your heart and head when you’re being annihilated by a breakup.’ At first it’s empathetic, offering a positive way to move through the stages of heartbreak, and then it gets motivational, using tools, techniques and lectures to get you back in the dating game.


This app promises to help relieve emotional pain and shorten the recovery journey after a split. Upon signing up you’re asked a series of questions and your answers are used to provide a selection of stories that will help you see your experiences from a healthier perspective accompanied by bespoke breakup advice. It’s like having a life-coach in your pocket.


A breakup guide and self-care app all in one that helps you let go and build a better life in order to get over your ex. It’s a compassionate, virtual assistant that promises to heal separation anxiety through a 28-day Heartbreak Cleanse. Think Siri with a certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Other ways to get over your ex

Hypnotherapy Session

London-based ‘Love Hypnotherapist’ Malminder ‘Mindy’ Gill teaches clients to let go of their exes, process the grief involved, and form new thoughts and behaviours towards relationships. ‘Breakup hypnotherapy’ is the UK’s fastest growing branch of the treatment.

The Break-Up Recovery Retreat

Divorce Coach Sara Davison runs a 2-day retreats which is designed to help participants deal with negative emotions, reignite their lives, and get them dating again.

Transcendental Meditation

Popular with stars like Hugh Jackman and Cate Blanchett, the twice-daily practice helps people reduce negative thought spirals and gain perspective.

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