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Building a Legacy

Building a Legacy

The founder of CEO Space, Berny Dohrmann, on mentorship for the greater good

Networking and mentoring can have a huge and lasting impact on your business. It might seem obvious, but one man who knows just how powerful they can be is ‘coach of coaches’ and expert in income acceleration training, Berny Dohrmann.

After 22 years on Wall Street as an investment banker/economist, Dohrmann founded CEO Space International, an entrepreneurial training and business networking organisation. It has since impacted over 300,000 business owners across 144 countries, and become the world’s leading small business incubator.

Under Dohrmann’s leadership, CEO Space has grown into a business building machine that has serviced small businesses five times a year for the past 30 years. CEO Space uses proprietary networking and teaches techniques that help owners to grow their business through capital resources and strategies, “Deal Meals” and demonstrating the power of cooperation and collaboration.

As well as being the author of several bestselling books, Dohrmann developed SuperTeaching™, an invention which includes 17 patents and is an accelerator-learning programme that enhances brain activity and supercharges a person’s ability to learn and retain information. This groundbreaking technology was adopted by schools and universities.

Dohrmann’s father Alan was a mentor to Walt Disney, Napoleon Hill, JFK and many others. This early example of the power of mentorship has never left Dohrmann, as he explained recently during his keynote speech at The Best You Expo in London.
Bernardo Moya and Berny Dohrmann

“If you are a mentor, and I hope I am, you are giving back without charging anyone,” he said. “That is my legacy. I have the ability to give back. I call it learn, earn, and then you have an obligation to return.”

Legacy and passing on expertise are of the greatest importance to Dohrmann.

“I see these wealthy players and their beautiful lifestyles. I say, ‘Where have you created another you?’ If you have not created a duplication of yourself by mentoring someone coming up behind you to your level, then you owe the world your mentorship,” said Dohrmann. “Give 15% of your lifetime until you create at least a handful of others where your mentorship enabled them to give back to the world at your level. We have to invest in entrepreneurship. This is the age of the Entrepreneur.”

For the last 30 years, Dohrmann, who the media refers to as ‘The Millionaire Maker’ has influenced big names including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosakig, most stars of The Secret, Sharon Lechter and Jack Canfield. He is now counselling the United Nations and has mentored more entrepreneurs to multi-millionaire status, than anyone else in history.

However, Dohrmann’s vision is a world in which everyone who can be a mentor is, because in doing so they can transform the lives of the people they mentor. And, the experiences enriches them both.

“To develop strong plans, strong teams, and resources – that usually takes two to three mentors. Two, and you’re through. Three, and you’re free. Mentors help you get the strong plans, strong teams, and resources to execute.  CEO Space, also tabbed the top business Think Tank in the world by some publications, provides access to hundreds of mentors that most would not be able to afford and if they could afford them, could not reach them,” said Dohrmann.

“When you get one of the great mentors living in the world – and that is true for me, too, for anyone – it is the greatest gift that can ever cross your path. You are not dependent on them. You are able to do what you need to do because they enriched you.”

For more information visit welcome.ceospaceinternational.com/dp

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