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Book Review – Painless Childbirth by Tina Taylor


Tina Taylor has written a fantastic guide to Painless Childbirth. Matt Wingett reviews.


Tina Taylor’s  latest book “Painless Childbirth” is a great example of why she is well respected by her clients for her brilliance as a hypnotist.


Her book is a fascinating read providing excellent advice on the birth process. Her message is as simple as it is profound: You don’t have to feel pain when you give birth. The “pain” paradigm itself is counterproductive, so out goes all mention of “pain” during pregnancy, being replaced by the notion of a choice of drugs to ask for, rather a midwife asking if you would like “painkillers” every five minutes.  Talk about “pressure” as central to the experience of the mother-to-be is also encouraged, rather than talk about pain.


Tina is clear in her reasoning about why.  The Ancient Greeks and  Romans, Tina tells us, wrote about the possibility of relaxed and harmonious births. Only later, does the “inevitability” of suffering in childbirth become rooted in the psyche.


She is persuasive, as are the copious examples of women Tina has helped over the years.


Tina goes on to give real practical advice about childbirth, using hypnotic and NLP techniques to bolster the birth experience


Tina also gives much more.  Having studied women who had easy births, Tina gives advice about negotiating the bureaucracy of the hospital, working with doctors and midwives to get the experience that you want – and writing out a clear list of the way you expect to be treated, as well as so much more.


Beyond this, she even gives advice on when to buy the baby clothes, and gives a whole list of those things that will make the birth so much easier, when baby arrives.


This book is a comprehensive overview of the whole process of pregnancy.  A great, useful manual to get through pregnancy relaxed and happy.


Find out more about Painless Childbirth, here.

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