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Welcome to The Best You’s Book Club, a refined space where the pursuit of personal growth converges with a diverse array of disciplines, with each book containing compelling narratives and insightful guides to help you become the best version of yourself. Delve into a carefully curated selection of reads that navigate the landscapes of self-discovery while spanning various fields of knowledge. Happy reading!

The Question – Bernardo Moya

We’ve all come to roadblocks that are challenging, frustrating and overwhelming. How can you examine your life more closely and think about what you can do to realise your fullest potential and be helpful to others?

Ask the right questions, and this book is a great guide to get you started.

The Question, written by Bernardo Moya, renowned entrepreneur and the architect behind the global self-help brand The Best You, merges self-help wisdom with real-life experiences to emphasize the importance of asking the right questions for a fulfilling life. It contains meaningful, practical and emotional content that covers key topics like greatness, success, resilience, and reinvention, offering guidance to discover one’s purpose and pursue it with confidence.

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Winning with Integrity: Getting What You Want Without Selling Your Soul – Leigh Steinberg with Michael D’Orso

“Winning with Integrity” by Leigh Steinberg delves into the ethical principles that have guided him as a premier sports agent, negotiating over $2 billion in contracts for top athletes like Troy Aikman and Steve Young. Steinberg emphasizes that successful negotiation isn’t solely about monetary gain, but also about maintaining personal integrity and balance. Drawing from his extensive experience, he breaks down negotiation into essential steps, providing practical advice applicable to any situation. The book offers a blend of inside sports stories and valuable insights, which serve as a thoughtful and inspiring guide to negotiation both in business and in life. His ethical approach to negotiation has not only shaped his success in the sports world, but also inspired the portrayal of ethical business practices in popular culture, notably in the film “Jerry Maguire.”

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Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment – Robert Mack

In “Happiness from the Inside Out,” Robert Mack draws meaningful insights from scientific research and personal anecdotes and introduces a fresh perspective on the concept of happiness beyond success and getting what they want.

Presenting in an entertaining and playful format, Mack offers practical guidance and a roadmap for cultivating lasting happiness, health, and wealth that starts from within, and discusses eight fundamental principles for unlocking unconditional happiness and achieving holistic success. By following his simple yet profound advice, readers can elevate their well-being and abundance, regardless of their current circumstances.

With Mack’s guidance, anyone can embark on a journey towards greater joy and fulfillment, laying the foundation for a prosperous and meaningful life.

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MORE: Become More – Give Moreover – Moses Nalocca

Moses Nalocca, founder of the Upper Echelon Coaching Academy and renowned speaker, recounts transformative anecdotes from his life in his latest book ‘MORE’. Through his experiences, including aiding Olympians, business owners, and executives, Nalocca illustrates the power of continual self-improvement. This book encapsulates Nalocca’s philosophy, offering guidance to those yearning for more from life, but grappling with doubt. Through his personal experiences, growth and profound insights, Nalocca encourages readers to embrace self-discovery and overcome uncertainty, dissatisfaction, and feelings of inadequacy. This candid account aims to inspire readers to confront their realities with honesty, accept their paths gracefully, and pursue their aspirations with courage.

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Chaos to Clarity – Simon Hedley

Some individuals unknowingly waste time while others efficiently accomplish tasks in the midst of chaos. Some are overwhelmed by minor setbacks, whereas others navigate life effortlessly. The contrast between those who resist the world’s challenges and those who embrace them prompts reflection.

“Chaos To Clarity” is here to guide you. This book embarks readers on an experiential journey, unveiling principles and tools to confront chaos, regain clarity, and prioritize effectively. Author Simon Hedley, known as “The Strategic Alchemist”, shares his techniques that have empowered numerous leaders and offers transformative insights for achieving breakthrough results and finding clarity from chaos.

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