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Becoming the best Me

TV star and Calum Best on the transformative power of writing things down and the success of his The BestMe journal

Back in 2013, Calum Best wrote down his three goals: Write a book, execute a fragrance line, and
release and feature in a film. Calum kept these goals written in his wallet and reviewed them daily, which he found helps to keep him focused. After years of struggling with addiction and the pace of life in the public eye – which often saw him hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons – it turned out that the simple act of writing a list of aims helped to set Calum on the path to taking charge of his life and unleashing his entrepreneurial power.

Calum created a daily journal so he could simply write down his goals and then take small steps towards achieving them. He called it The BestMe Journal, and designed it to bridge the gap between a daily planner, a notebook, a gratitude journal and a goal planner. Calum understood that without doing the “goal maths” it would be impossible to achieve what he wanted to; his aims needed to be at the forefront of his day, every day.

Soon, The BestMe journal gave Calum a dedicated focus. The formula he created meant he remained thankful for where he was, gave back to those who helped him get there, appreciated small victories and stayed positive about the future through planning. These were all kept in mind with the help of his daily BestMe journalling. Calum says: “It’s so simple but most people fall off the goal getting wagon soon after they start. The Best Me journal will keep you on.“

In the six years since Calum created The BestMe Journal, he has used it to help better himself and move away from a life of imbalance – years and years of what he calls “just going with the flow”. Today, aged 38, Calum lives a life of purpose, which in turn has helped reveal to him the purpose of life. And he puts his new ‘go getter attitude’ and results-driven work ethic down to his consistent and habitual routines, which are all made simple with the BestMe journal.

“I’ve always studied entrepreneurs, and, for obvious reasons, have been fascinated by those who have turned themselves around from a place of near giving up, to a place of crushing it,” says Calum. “Every person who has gone from a place of being rock bottom, to absolutely killing it, all have one thing in common – repetitive, consistent and disciplined action every day with a positive frame of mind.

“It’s so simple but most people fall off the goal getting wagon soon after they start. I created The Best Me journal to help keep you on. The Best Me makes it easy to start your journey in journaling, which can help ease anxiety and depression through meditation and mindfulness. I want everyone to be the best you that you can be, every day.”

For more information visit www.bestmelife.co

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