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Ask yourself the easy question… by Peter Thomson


Ask yourself the easy questions, you’ll have a hard life. Ask yourself the hard questions, you’ll have an easy life, says Peter Thompson.


Throughout every day you and I ask ourselves questions. The phrasing of those questions determines – how we spend our time, how we feel and the results we experience in life.

If we ask ‘easy’ questions such as:
What’s on TV tonight?
Why does that always happen to me? (in a miserable voice) Shall I have just another portion of fries?
Then – life is going to be pretty hard!
However – if we ask those ‘harder to answer questions’, such as:
  • How can I make the relationship with my partner the very best it could be?
  • How can I double my income in the next 12 months?
How can I be as fit as I can be?
Then – if we take the time to answer those questions (and take action)
We’ll have a much easy life!
A life full to the brim, of passion, achievement and the feeling of having given our best!
It’s certainly true that the type of questions we ask ourselves determines how we think. Just listen to the people around you (if you meet any negative ones) whose self-questions push them ever deeper into a feeling of hopelessness and despair. Certain before they even answer those questions that they are not going to succeed.
However if you and I take the time to phrase some powerful and soul-searching self-questions then we can achieve our dreams, desires and goals.
Nature isn’t capricious – she (or he or it) doesn’t care if we are successful or not. Our destiny is in our own hands. But the ‘question’ is “How do we become successful?”
Well – to start with we need to know what ‘success’ means. What’s its definition? Once we have that in place we can determine the self-questions to ask.
Just imagine when we take the time to truly answer those questions – and then put into place the actions that will see us achieve what we want.

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