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Are You Woman Phobic – by Ali Campbell


Ali Campbell gives advice to men who are too frightened to start conversations with women – and who are “women phobic”!

If you are the guy who has been spotting a hot girl in a bar and then blundering in there with some corny pre-rehearsed ‘line’ or interrogation type questioning then please, please, please…stop!! She doesn’t want to hear it.

Why is it that you can take a perfectly normal, perfectly decent guy with loads of great qualities but when faced with an attractive woman he starts behaving like an idiot used car salesman!?
It’s the same reason you get nervous at a job interview… it’s because you make the whole interaction outcome dependent.
You either get the job or get rejected, you either get the girl or get… rejected. And that’s where you’ve got it all wrong. An initial interaction with a hot girl is just a conversation. Nothing more, nothing less there is no accept (you are a valid human being) reject (you are a worthless piece of crap) there is only ‘hmm… she seems cool/hmmm… he seems cool. I’d like to chat a bit more, let me ask another question.’ That’s it, end of story!!
Next time you find yourself faced with the opposition (lol) take ever shread of ‘outcome’ out of the equation and just have a fun meaningful conversation… she’ll love you for it.

Ali Campbell

Ali Campbell is one of the world's leading life coaches and NLP'ers. He has built an enviable reputation as a highly motivational Coach, Therapist, Author and Presenter. Ali is the creator of the internationally acclaimed weight loss solution, The Slim Girls Box Of Secrets sold in over 44 countries and any internationally bestselling author with Just Get On With It - A caring compassionate kick up the ass published last year by Hay House even outselling the Dali Lama. As a trusted advisor to celebrities, business leaders and even royalty around the world. in the UK Ali is widely featured in the media, on television, radio and in print. With expertise gained right at the cutting edge of personal development Ali's no nonsense 'arm round your shoulder and a kick up the butt' style makes him truly unique in a field often dominated by more spin than substance.

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