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This clever app capitalises on our love of engaging in challenges with our friends, and leverages that into an opportunity to give back to social causes. Whether it’s challenging your friend to a simple game of chess or towards reaching a certain health goal, the person who ends up failing the challenge must make a donation towards a charity of the winner’s choosing. Game on.


Charity Miles

There are tons of devices that track the number of miles you’ve accumulated on your run, walk, bike ride, or whatever other activity – but Charity Miles goes one step further and helps you set goals to raise money for a charitable organisation of your choosing. Currently, the company works with more than 30 global charities.



We all know the importance of recycling, and Recyclebank’s app encourages continued recycling efforts by rewarding users with points that they can use toward local deals and discounts that can be redeemed at nearby participating shops, or within the app itself. You winning and the environment winning = genius.



Givergy is an award-winning company that significantly increases the amount of money charities raise at fundraising events. This is done through their revolutionary technology which is fun, interactive, wireless and competitive. In addition to their specialised silent auction they provide online auctions and raffles enabling charities to accelerate the funds raised for incredible causes and to give individuals he chance to win incredible experiences.


The Best You

“The Best You” is a pioneering personal development company dedicated to helping individuals achieve their fullest potential. Founded by Bernardo Moya, the company offers a range of services including transformative events, educational programs, and a vibrant community platform. By providing access to leading experts, inspiring content, and practical tools, The Best You aims to empower people all around the globe.

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