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Apps for a healthier mind and body

Apps for a healthier mind and body

Download these to recharge, ignite and inspire


Meditation Studio

With the strapline Untangle your mind, Meditation Studio provides a suite of meditation options to help you de-stress, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and meet difficult situations with more clarity. It’s used by a wide experience spectrum – from novices to advanced mediators. Stress, pain, sleep, happiness, confidence and performance, among many other aspects of life are catered for with this user-friendly, intuitive interface.


The Happier app seeks to inspire millions of people to be happier by encouraging people to collect and share everyday happy moments, and do more of what makes them happy. The Happier app can be used like a mindfulness coach to lift your mood, take some time to chill and meditate, as well as enjoy the best part of your day. It enables users to focus on what’s going right. And, as part of a wider community, you discover that, yes, happiness really is contagious.



Moves is a free app with two simple goals: to help you keep track of your movements so you know how many calories you’ve burned, and to enable you to build a fitness programme that incorporates your everyday activity. Move makes use of the accelerometer and GPS functions on your smartphone to let you know exactly what you’ve done in exercise terms. You might surprise yourself with just how far you walk each day. It’s a free app, and reviewers says it’s surprisingly accurate.


The Fitbit Smartwatch has been around for a while now, encouraging wearers to track their fitness routines as well as motivating them to up their work out. The Fitbit app for smartphones allows users to not only track activity and calorie intake, but also help to plan an exercise regime. A step beyond simpler apps, the Fitbit app really helps you engage with your fitness goals.


Ever wondered what’s in the food you’re buying and eating? The Edo app has an index of foods so you can check the healthiness of the food you’re buying. Scan a barcode and Edo will find the product and reveal its secrets. This way, you get to know what you’re eating, so you can personally decide what to avoid and what to go after. The app lets you know if a product is gluten or lactose-free, and even offers healthier alternatives.

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