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Slavery Ends Here - a21

Eradicating human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare

“Our legacy is freedom,” is the mission statement of A21, a non-profit organisation fighting to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. The Best You: A Better World is proud to partner with A21 to highlight their dedication to ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation worldwide.

There is no single solution for combatting slavery. A21 works in myriad ways, including programmes for educational awareness, increasing the prosecution of traffickers, and the protection of victims through medical and psychological services, as well as legal and vocational assistance for victims of human trafficking in their crisis centres, shelters and transitional homes.

A recent report from The National Crime Agency (NCA) shows that cases of human trafficking and modern slavery are far more prevalent in the UK than law enforcement previously thought. It revealed that there are potentially tens of thousands of cases in the UK, with victims predominantly from eastern Europe, Vietnam and Nigeria. It’s a problem that’s often locked away behind closed doors, something A21 is determined to throw a spotlight on.

In addition to the UK, A21 has teams on the ground in Ukraine, Greece, Bulgaria, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Thailand, the Netherlands, and Australia. The organisation believes in the power of collaboration in making a real difference, and has joined forces with various official bodies, community members, other non-governmental organisations and corporations.

For more information visit www.a21.org

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