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7 ways to feel fabulous about you

1) Accept yourself for who you are.

We all imagine everyone else is having a better life. That might be true on the surface, but everyone has insecurities and doubts. If you’re going to compare yourself with others, you’ll never get the chance to find out what’s great about you. So accept yourself. It’s the first step to loving yourself.

2) Look forwards.

True, we all learn from our mistakes, but the runner never wins the race by standing around staring at the stick they tripped over. Learn from what hasn’t worked out

– then put it behind you. It’s the only way to move on.

3) Look backwards – but in the right way!

Instead of making your memories a bed of regrets, remember all the great stuff that happened. Throughout your life, if you take the time to look, you’ll find little kindnesses you maybe never recognised. Hug the good people. Appreciate the fine times. Spread a little love. There are moments of gold in your life if you take the time to

4) Be kind to others.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own problems we forget the other people out there needing help. Many people say they never realised how good they would feel from just helping others. Try it. It’s makes life worthwhile.

5) Eat wisely.

Want to know how food makes you feel different? Try an experiment – cut out all sugar for a month and see what happens. You might be surprised at how much energy you find in yourself.

It’s obvious but true. Remember, your body wasn’t made to live with piles of sugar, salt and fat over a long period.

6) Let yourself dream – and plan for it.

Yup – having a great big dream you want in life is the thing that’ll keep your mojo working. Even better – plan how you’re going to get there. That’s how dreams come true after all!

7) Commit to everything you do.

When you bounce a ball, it doesn’t bounce back any higher than the power you put into it. The same is true of everything in life. Commit to what you’re doing, and you’ll put the energy in that gets the biggest bounce. Whether that reward is love, money, wellbeing – or something else that’s special to you – put the effort in and reap the rewards!

The Best You

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