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5 Ways to Put FIRST Things First- By Stacey Toupin

Ever wonder how some people seem to be consistently happy and focused while others have a difficult time mustering up, “Good morning?”Happy people seem to sail through their day making challenges seem effortless, whereas unhappy people seem distracted, unfocused, and stuck. There is a reason…

Happy people take care of their mindset and make it a priority first above everything else. They know that the secret to a great day starts from within. They understand that you get back what you put out to the world. So if you decide to live a life being optimistic and hopeful, then life answers you back in so many unexpected, positive ways. Because action is taken to nurture the mindset,the day takes care of you.

It is no surprise then that affirmations, mantras, quotes, or other forms of self-talk come into play to create and expand a positive mindset. These are usually read or recited often each day so as to feel connected to the energy of the moment.

Positive self-talk is absolutely critical if you want to have a “You can do it!” mindset. You can turn around your attitude in an instant by thinking different thoughts and it all starts first thing in the morning.

I have come up with an approach that will help you start your day in a positive and meaningful way. It’s called “FIRST Things First.”I have been doing it for quite some time and really feel a difference in how I see and experience my day. OK. Let’s do this!

  • Feeling
  • Intention
  • Random Act of Kindness
  • Self-care
  • Takeaway

Seems simple, doesn’t it? It is! The idea is to take five minutes first thing in the morning and go through the “FIRST Things First”list one at a time. You can even use your hand to do the countdown!

What you do is ask yourself what you want to see happen for each area for your day ahead. You may write your thoughts down, say your thoughts aloud, or make a mental note of your thoughts. All will help you pave the day for goodness and success.

Make this part of your routine that you do as a non-negotiable priority. You can consciously plan the list ahead of time until the habit unfolds naturally. Be mindful of your list throughout your day as you engage with other people and work on your goals.

This approach can really make a difference in how you see yourself and other people in terms of your goals and attitude. It is like a delicious recipe made with key ingredients that create and nurture a successful mindset, so you are able to think positively and openly for the day ahead.

It does not mean that you are perfect and are always positive and smiling. However, this list can turn things around for you in an instant. When things happen that are negative, you will have a different way of looking at the situation. Big things do not seem so big. Things are viewed as manageable, not impossible. You may feel calm, cool, and collected, instead full of anxiety, frustration, or fury.

The more you engage with the “FIRST Things First” approach, the more opportunity you will have to experience a day aimed at happiness, productivity, and success. You will be on alert to put “FIRST Things First!”

Here is the step-by-step process for the “FIRST Things First” approach:

Ask yourself in the morning when you first wake up:

  1. What feeling do I have in my mind, body, and spirit? Is the emotion helpful to my goals and to other people? What do I need to change? What do I need to pay attention to now in order to increase my energy flow?
  1. What is my intention or purpose for the day? Some examples are, “I am productive. I am kind. I am energetic, I am patient. I am grateful.”
  1. What random act of kindness will I do to be compassionate and helpful to someone else to promote a positive connection? Think about what simple and small act of kindness you can do. It does not need to be a huge gesture or costly to you at all.
  1. How will I nurture and take care of myself today with self-care or wellness? Some examples are: take a break, forgive myself when mistakes are made, eat healthy, take a walk, or set boundaries by saying no to extra obligations.
  1. What would I like my takeaway to be today? What would I like to learn? What valuable insights or lessons would I like to receive? Some examples are: “I am stronger than I thought I was, I have a lot to offer the world, or I am glad I took care of myself today.”

Before you go to bed, review the list and go through your day to see where your list triggered you to have a positive, successful mindset.

Ask the questions as if they were in the past tense. How do you answer the questions now that you have experienced your day? What changes in yourself do you notice? What will you do tomorrow to have a great mindset that brings you closer to living your true potential?

Challenge yourself and repeat the “FIRST Things First” approach for 30 days to create a new success habit. It is worth the time to invest in yourself. You can put “FIRST Things First!”

Why don’t you get started right now? What do YOU want to see happen for each area for your day ahead?

  • Feeling­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________
  • Intention___________________________________
  • Random Act of Kindness______________________
  • Self-care___________________________________
  • Takeaway__________________________________


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