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Why is Being Strong Just an Illusion?

As we walk through life, we hear on each corner “Be strong”. When we hit the rock bottom, when our  whole world is falling apart, when we lose loved ones, we are told “Be strong”. But what does it actually  mean? 

Being strong is often synonymous with very harmful behavior. It usually means to close the chapter of your  heartbroken stories, ignore them as they have never existed, continue with the life and just keep on going.  We all tried that. We turned our back to our feelings, aligned with the beliefs of other people on how our  life should be, and called this “strong”. We didn’t even recover from the past events when all of sudden life  hits us harder than ever before. Suddenly, all the negative experiences come at once and keep hitting us  like a never-ending story. Our strength turns to be our weakness. We feel like a leaf detached from the tree  and pushed by the storm of life. 

At that moment, the only thing that goes through our head is just “Why is this happening to me?”, and  “What is wrong with me?”. 

The truth is; nothing is wrong with you. You are perfectly fine. The reason why you experience these  negative experiences is your energy. Your thoughts and emotions are nothing but energy. When you have  negative events in your life, the negative emotions and thoughts that you experience are still present in your energy field, until you release them. You may pretend to be strong, but your energy is telling a  different story. According to the law of attraction, which is actually the law of vibration, negative thoughts  and emotions will attract more negative experiences in your life. You manifest what you vibrate; not what  you asked for. You vibrate what you hold for the truth. If you want to find out why these things are  happening to you, start tracking your thoughts and emotions and you will find the answer.  

So if we shouldn’t use strength to drag ourselves from one difficult moment to the next, what can we use?  One of the great solutions to your problems is energy healing. It helps you release your emotions and  limiting beliefs with ease and grace. It shows you a different approach on how to deal with your emotions  and thoughts without being overwhelmed. The low vibrational energies (fear, regret, anger, helplessness,  hopelessness, and many more) that you accumulated through different stages of your life are blocking you  from achieving your highest potential and living a life you truly desire! 

Do you now see that being strong without working on low vibe thoughts and emotions is just an illusion?  Being strong actually means acknowledging and facing your emotions and thoughts. This is what will make  you strong. No matter what life throws at you, you will be ready to bounce back.  

Knowing what you know now, would you rather stay in the circumstances that you created with your  thoughts and emotions, or break free from the energy blocks and create your life intentionally? You have a  choice! 

If you are ready to create a happy and joyful life, I invite you to join my life-changing mentorship program,  where I teach powerful energy tools to create the life you deserve! There has never been a better time to  transform your life and become a confident and happier version of YOU. Life is meant to be full of  excitement and happiness. Take action today towards your life. You deserve it!