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What If You Could

What If You Could – Mas Sajady

Ever since I heard about superheroes, I wanted to become one. Do you remember when you were a kid? Like me, I bet you had big dreams…having superpowers to save the world, protect the animals, be famous. It all felt so real. So possible. We felt limitless didn’t we? What happened? Even if you’re in your 20’s reading this, you’ve most likely buried the possibilities of your greatness deep inside along with the passion, wonderment and vibrancy of life. 


There are several methods people use to compensate for the death of their greatness. Some will deny or give up on life. Most will deal with the loss of their greatness by “coming back to reality” and living the status quo.


A life of sacrifice, heartache, aging, losing our faculties and getting ill is more real than a child’s reality of being free to explore the possibilities of being a limitless human.


Almost all will try to recapture their greatness through the pursuit of a relationship, fame and fortune, spiritualism, new technologies or intellect.


But then why do so many still feel unfulfilled?


A very famous client of mine having all the trappings of success summed it up beautifully:


Over dinner, engrossed in a conversation about spacetime and how it determines life fulfillment, he stopped mid-sentence. With child-like bewilderment blended with wisdom from a seasoned life he said, “Before I met you, I had reached a dead end.” He stared blankly into my eyes as he explained. “For those who have reached the pinnacle of success, there’s no escape. Our preoccupation with success can no longer disguise the emptiness within.” Sadly he continued, “Those who don’t have it all, at least they have…hope to cling to.”


Imagine the pain and suffering of my friend. Multiply it by the entirety of well-meaning individuals who sacrificed their life trying to create a better earth…a burden that weighs heavy on human consciousness. I was feeling the immensity when suddenly visions of superheroes flashed through my mind.


Superheroes in movies are no different than real people:

  1. They have amazing abilities, but still suffer from being human.
  2. They themselves don’t possess any power without their costumes.
  3. The fight between good and evil never ends. 


The Human difference?

  1. Humans have limitless potential to create amazing possibilities but still suffer from the “human condition”
  2. Humans blindly squander their real power, then use wealth, power, kindness, control, sacrifice, etc. as a costume to hide their weaknesses.
  3. The fight to live from our truth is endless.


I couldn’t sleep that night. It wasn’t the first time I lay awake pondering why people suffer. The first experience I had seeing someone suffer, I wondered why?

Why were they not using the superpowers I clearly saw in them? Why do people live in desperation?


It has been my life mission searching for solutions. I’ve gone as far as experiencing two near deaths, going beyond the limits of space and time to find real solutions. 


My dedication to becoming an expert in consciousness evolution combined with over 100,000 individual client sessions have paid off. Multitudes are now living the limitless life of a superhero…a life of harmony, youthfulness and all around abundance, inside and out.


The smile and appreciation one gives you when you’ve really helped them is the most joyous and humbling experience one can have. It makes you wonder why living a life of a superhero shouldn’t be for everyone?


Masati - formerly known as Mas Sajady, founder of Xponential Intelligence®, MediMorphosis® and Medihealing® has helped tens of thousands around the world break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives so they achieve not only success, but also significance in their lives. Xponential Intelligence® (XI) is a science based body of knowledge that Masati discovered after his 2nd near death experience. XI explains the secrets to success and happiness from a quantum physics perspective. The process removes issues at the core of your being so you can reach your optimum potentiality and attain rapid & tangible results.

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