Vision is Where You Start!

After being on this planet as many years I have now, and being blessed to raise two amazing kids, build two businesses, and mentor as many people as I have, I have come to know there is one common denominator in human nature: We all want to know we helped other people and have made a difference. 

In order to be that we need to show up every single day as the best version of ourselves, and to lead by example. I know this is easier said than done. 

We want the best for the people we love, but we forget it starts with us. People follow by example more than by just hearing the words or reading it in books. 

Now more than ever, the next generations to come need heroes. You and me. They are not going to get it from the outside world as much as we hope they would. That world of being able to rely on good schools, good teachers, government leaders, or even our church structure has changed dramatically. We are at a place in life where we are need a grassroots movement like never before. And, again it begins with us. 

So, where do we begin? It starts with having a rock-solid vision for your life and knowing your purpose. YOUR purpose. Not the vision you have for your spouse, your children, your friends, or any organization you belong to that you put before you. YOU need to get clear on what you desire for your life first. 

When I was 26 years old, my first mentor told me to take a day and in a very quiet space write out all the desires of my heart. She told me to write down everything I wanted to create my future to look like; my relationships, where I was living, what kind of mom I hoped to be for my future children, how I wanted to make a living, and the kind of person I hoped people would remember me by. Every little detail and to leave nothing out. That was over 25 years ago.  

What happened that day was magical. Because I was in such a quiet, spiritual space I now know that God and I were talking, and I was listening. I was so clear on the desires of my heart, and ultimately hearing the purpose that was in store for my life. 

Things began to unfold. All the things I was asking for started showing up. 

My first business opportunity arrived the way I had asked for it. I was able to grow that and stay home with my two children, and I was able to start personally developing into the best version of myself and lead others to do the same. 

Here are the steps I took that I took that I hope will help you just get started and why having this written vision is SO POWERFUL! 

  1. Find some quiet to get away and write on paper what you desire your life to look like as if it is three years from now. How old will you be? How old will all of your family members be?  Time and aging are non-negotiable factors in life, so this is an awakening of what is to come.  
  2. Write all of your biggest dreams and desires of how you want your life to look at that point. Do not leave anything out, even if you think it is not possible with your current situation. God and His Universe are more powerful than your limiting beliefs. 
  3. Share your vision with the ones you love and trust with your vision. There is so much power in verbalizing your desires! 

Here is what having this clear vision will and can do for you! 

  1. You will be able to set better boundaries around your time, your money, and the people you spend it with moving forward! You can answer every decision with a yes or no answer because it either aligns with your vision or it doesn’t. Imagine how much more time you will have, and how much more enjoyable your life will be when you get freed up from all the things you are doing, and the people you finally need to set free from your life.  
  2. You can create a clear, goal setting path for what you intend to create and follow it every day. You can stay FOCUSED on what is the most important use of your precious time here on this earth. 
  3. You can stop worrying about all the little things that are tripping you up because you are on fire for what you want to create, instead of having anxiety about the things you cannot control 
  4. Your vision gives you hope even on your worst days. We all face little and big obstacles daily, but when your vision is driving you, not matter what is happening in your personal life or in the world you keep going. 
  5. Lastly, you become an agent of hope for other people. When they see you working through your challenges and you can keep going, it gives them the inspiration they need to do the same with their own life!
    Remember, they are watching you!

To be our absolute best we have to lead ourselves first! I encourage you to take the challenge, to be brave not just for yourself but for the people you love, and to ‘suit up’ with your vision on every single day! 

About Carey Conley

Carey Conley is dedicated to helping you identify your God-given purpose through Vision. Carey is a vision expert with a passion for revolutionizing Vision and Purpose. Her goal is to teach people of all ages – adults, young adults, and families with young children – the importance of having a crystal-clear vision written down with dates. Children who determine their God-given purpose at a young age can reach unlimited success and be spared feelings of insecurity and self-doubt throughout their lives. As a Soul visionary, Carey’s mission stems from her own adversity in her personal life after losing both her husband and son to suicide. She believes that by helping people see their vision and truly come to know their purpose, they will learn to create a legacy they wish to carry out. Carey and her daughter Laurel have written a book entitled Keep Looking Up, which is now available on several audiobook platforms and Amazon. It offers much-needed guidance on transforming grief into hope after tragedy. Keep Looking Up provides tools and insights for those experiencing loss and focuses on how to create a new vision going forward. As an entrepreneur and coach for over 25 years, Carey has built two thriving businesses. The first in network marketing and the second as a speaker and vision coach. Carey has helped thousands of people to realize their purpose-driven vision, put it on paper, and bring it to life! She is driven to help people recognize their purpose and remember who they are so they can thrive in this challenging world. Carey does live trainings every week in her private Facebook group Vision Driven Life to help as many people as possible live with purpose and vision.


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