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The Power of V.I.S.I.O.N.

Looking back, one of the defining moments in my life happened when I wrote a clear-cut vision of what I wanted my life to look like. I was about 28 years old, and unlike everyone else in our circle of friends, I was not doing the corporate 9-5 work structure very well. I wanted freedom of time and the ability to make more of a residual income, rather than getting a paycheck every two weeks. I also wanted to be in an environment where I could grow personally and lead others to do the same.

Throughout my professional journey in sales, building teams, creating workshops, and currently speaking and hosting a podcast, I have come to be known as the “Vision Expert.” When speaking and facilitating seminars, I point to several reasons why having a clear, written vision for your life affects everything, and why the title of my first book is entitled, Vision is Victory. Here are just a few…

A vision is important because it gives us a sense of direction and purpose. It helps us to focus on what we want to achieve and provides the motivation to keep going when things become difficult. A clear vision can make all the difference in our lives and help us create a lasting impact.

Vision is important because it helps set direction and enables wise decision making. It allows people to see the “big picture” and identify long-term goals. This can then help individuals and organizations create action plans that will move them closer to their desired future outcomes.

A vision provides motivation. When people have something definite to strive for, they are more likely to be engaged and committed. A shared vision can help build team morale and unity, especially when everyone is working toward the same goal.

The last point is that vision can help create a legacy. When we know what we want to achieve, we can put systems and structures in place that will continue to benefit future generations. I believe as humans we all have one thing in common, and that is a desire to make a difference in this world.

Over the past 30-plus years, I have taught thousands of people to get their “someday” plan out of their heads and on to paper so they create an achievable game plan to follow. Using the word vision, here are some pointers for you to get started and follow through on your own vision.

V – Visualize. The power of vision starts with having a clear understanding of exactly what it is you want to achieve. This requires spending time imagining, dreaming, and visualizing the outcome in your mind’s eye. Allow yourself to take a step back and explore the bigger picture—exactly what is it you are striving to achieve? A vision should capture your passion and purpose and draw on your strengths and capabilities. Take the time to get into a quiet space to think and dream as if it were three years from that date. How old will you be? How old will your family members be? Time and aging are non-negotiable. By setting a target, you should be able to see some changes coming in your life, and some changes you want to make in order to create your dream life in every area: faith, family, friends, fitness/health, finances, field/career, and fun. Think big and don’t leave anything out!

I – Identify. Once you have identified a vision you can be proud of and motivated by, the next step is to break it down into tangible, measurable, achievable goals. Think about what success looks like to you and set specific goals that will move you forward toward those goals. This includes milestones, timelines, and any other criteria to measure progress. For example, if one of your goals is to make over $100,000/year by your three-year date, what income can you see happening by the end of one year? Six months? The next 90 days? Breaking down the bigger income goal into 90-day increments will help you determine the specific activity to take that is not so overwhelming.

S – Strategies. Strategies are the tools and methods that you will use to achieve your goals. Consider the resources you have at your disposal and how to optimize their effectiveness. Research the best practices, develop an action plan, and brainstorm any potential roadblocks you may encounter. I recommend and use digital apps that help me stay accountable with my goals and track my three daily action steps (check out Oola.com). I am a big believer in being with masterminds and having coaches who help me make breakthroughs and avoid drifting from my plan. It is important that you invest in yourself.

I – Implement. Implementation involves taking consistent action toward achieving your vision. Consistency (not taking big, overwhelming leaps all at once) is the key to success in every area of your life. Develop and prioritize activities, such as setting up systems that work for you and making certain you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Plan ahead and establish a timeline for each step. Focus on taking small steps that add up to something big over time.

O – Observe. As you advance toward achievement, take systematic time to observe and evaluate your progress. I recommend setting a date with yourself and perhaps some friends every 90 days purely to reflect and refresh! Celebrate successes, identify areas for improvement, and keep pushing forward. Reflecting on your progress and learning from your experiences is an essential part of the journey. Every step taken (even if you are not where you wanted to be) is a win!

N – Never Give Up. Last, having a never-give-up attitude is key to achieving your vision. Believe in yourself, stay positive, and remind yourself that every step you take is getting you closer to success. It can be challenging when things do not go according to plan, but it is important to remain focused and persevere. Make sure you are surrounded by other people with the same attitude and persevering spirit!

Having a clear vision can make all the difference in our lives! With this acronym approach, we can empower ourselves to reach our highest potential and create a lasting IMPACT!

Good luck on your journey!

Carey Conley

Carey Conley is a renowned speaker and entrepreneur, helping leaders and business owners create transformative visions. With a successful career spanning 30 years, she aims to empower individuals to make a significant impact on those they lead. Conley's personal story, marked by both success and tragedy, adds depth to her message, inspiring others to achieve the seemingly impossible. Known for her passionate presentations, she provides self-empowering skills through speeches, books, and workshops, fostering a supportive community with a shared goal of overcoming challenges and leaving a positive legacy.

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