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The Healing Hunter Series 4 Demystifies ‘Alternative’ Medicine and Calls for Continued and Greater Uptake by the NHS

Documentary maker Hannah Sweeney is passionate about all forms of Complementary and Alternative medicines (CAM)and in her latest journey (Season 4, The Healing Hunter) she’ll be exploring Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it’s holistic approach to health and discussing why (CAM), rising in popularity both abroad1 and here in the UK2, should be rolled out across the entire NHS service.

In series four of The Healing Hunter, Hannah Sweeney explores the physical, mental and emotional effects of Chinese Medicine. This ancient and holistic approach aims to prevent and heal diseases by bringing the body into balance so it can self-heal.

Over eight episodes Hannah is joined by the well-known founder and principal of the Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine, Professor Song Ke who has practiced and taught TCM worldwide for over 30 years and has been offering acupuncture through three London-based NHS hospitals since 2002: The Royal Free, The Whittington and North Middlesex Hospital.

Hannah is passionate about demystifying TCM treatments so that people considering trying TCM treatments will have a better understanding of what is involved – removing much of the apprehension and anxiety many feel going into it.

Hannah Sweeney says: “It is great news that Complementary and Alternative medicine: acupuncture is already being offered on the NHS by Prof. Ke. It is fantastic to see the NHS moving with the times and for recognising the added benefits that CAM provides.”

She continued, “Right now people are very conscious of their health, now is the time to see more NHS providers around the UK start to offer a range of Complementary and Alternative treatments to benefit the well-being of the population and reduce the demand on other NHS services.”

Professor Ke says: “Traditional Chinese Medicine including acupuncture is very safe, very effective and widely used around the world. In my NHS work I see not only patients’ medical conditions improve but their overall health and wellbeing too.”

With The Healing Hunter’s characteristic hands-on approach, you will see Hannah undertake a Chinese consultation as well as different TCM treatments including cupping, acupuncture, Moxibustion, Tuina massage and more. She will even find time for a tea ceremony.

A Kickstarter campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/236724798/chinese-medicine-with-the-healing-hunter?ref=45ns6c&token=92fdbecb launching 1 October to support the development of future series.

Hannah Sweeney

Documentary maker The Healing Hunter, Hannah Sweeney, films herself receiving complementary medicine practices and alternative healing modalities around the UK. The last three series have looked at different healing therapies predominantly on women’s health with leading wellbeing practitioners, such as ‘closing the bones’ ceremony, integral abdominal healing, systematic kinesiology and Yoga Therapy with Samantha Trinder founder of Bhuti, Richmond Hill. Her most recent series on Traditional Chinese Medicine with Professor Song Ke from Asante Academy of Chinese Medicine will be released in November on her YouTube Channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCivJMlxZjNBbESsrSNWoZ4A. A kickstarter campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/236724798/chinese-medicine-with-the-healing-hunter?ref=45ns6c&token=92fdbecb has been created to support the development of this series. More information can be found on The Healing Hunter website www.thehealinghunter.com

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