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The Best You Love Event 9th–11th September 2022

Francess #Loveisnotacortisol www.Francess.org
I am delighted to bring and share with you some of my poems of Love, and Notlove
from my lifelong study of scripture, health and healing.
My career has been as a Health and Beauty Therapist utilizing many techniques
including Kinesiology, to help people feel better and ‘Feel Good’. I worked for many
years in London before moving to Wales and eventually giving up my business for
home and writing.
Kinesiology, Crystals and Reflexology helped me to clear my stresses and blocks
which changed my life and allowed me to write, and dance. This is my journey I
As a child I had many learning difficulties, writing was a struggle as I could not get
my thoughts from my head onto the page. Reading at long length is still a struggle, I
prefer short, factual reading, hence I have learned to love poetry.
In Kinesiology we always work to bring the body into balance which includes gentle,
non-invasive corrections for confused neurological pathways, usually caused by
trauma. All trauma creates blocks in the body.
I was challenged by various Christians if Kinesiology is a form of divination, and so I
looked to the Holy Scriptures for my answer. Over time and study with great faith in
Jesus Christ and healing, my life was changed for the better and the flood gates
opened; my writing flowed. These words are faithful and true to my life. I never
intended writing poetry. But, for about ten years I woke with a poem most mornings.
Some poems were most definitely mourning what I was experiencing at the time.
Others were most definitely appreciating life and beauty. I thank God. It took me
another ten years of counseling to realize and understand where my life had fallen
short on Love and why.
When I was at my most broken, life was very hard to endure. My work was rejected,
my applications for help rejected, I was refused an MBA course, I was a bereaved
and stressed out working mum, my parents had passed, my marriage was broken
with no resolve and my blood pressure was uncontrollably high. My Doctor had said
‘I don’t know how I am going to stop you having a heart attack’ He doubled my
medication and sent me on my way. I knew medication was not the answer for me.
As I cried my heart and eyes out, a vision of Light appeared which brought me
healing and gave me the strength to make changes in my life and so my journey
began, not as I expected, but I always trust in God through our Lord and Saviour
Jesus Christ who is returning for Heaven on Earth as promised…I believe we are in
the ‘last days’ before Jesus Christ returns for healing All Nations and Heaven on
Earth and so I write…
I write on the healing properties of the gemstones cited at Revelation 21 as Jesus
says ‘The stones would cry out’. My books share the cry I hear for attaining to

Peace, The Twofold Peace of New Jerusalem, The Holy City for Heaven on Earth…
We have a body, our temple which is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’. Psalm 139:14.
Our default is fear for survival, and so we consciously must override fear with trust
and faith. Easier said than done, and so we have our Wonderful Counsel and
therapies to help our life journey to the fullness of The Whole Spirit of Love which is
the meaning of The Most High Name who says to Love God, others as self. We need
balance for harmony between mind and body to be able to attain to the Holy Spirit of
Peace and so we must love and care for all with kindness. People’s kindness in my
childhood taught me about God’s Love, and peoples unkindness in my later life
taught me why Love is worthy of honour, God is Love and Love does not cause
stress or hurt and pain, our body is the temple for the Holy Spirit of Peace to dwell. 1
Corinthians 6:19. I share my poems with Love and Light for deeper understanding,
enlightenment perhaps?
Our Amazing Body

Galatians 5:16- 24

I love bodies
Living and actualizing dreams
Self evolving for self knowledge to express ourselves creatively for life.

Not just ‘lumps of meat’
Not just clumps of cells
Not just physiological functions.

Not just anatomical structures
With complex Latin names

Complex they are
Complex we are
Only flesh we are not.

First published in Healing Poems for Positive Love 2012.


Francess writes poetry and non-fiction on health, healing, scripture, prophecy, stress, hurt, pain and wellbeing. Francess, a former therapist, explores the boundaries of Love and fear in search of the resolve of abuses causing stress, trauma, grief, sickness and pain. From Genesis to Revelation and from the Stars to the Starfish. her work addresses all in between to inspire Love, trust, security and safety for justice and Peace for the fullness of the fruits of the Holy Spirit for creating Heaven on Earth. The One place of Love made whole and One in our body which is The Temple for Love to dwell. When seriously broken and unwell, a vision of Light appeared to Francess which brought healing and confidence to publish her work on the conscious healing process of the gemstones cited at Revelation 21. Thanks be to God, through The Whole Spirit of Love Anointed, namely Jesus Christ, our Messiah who is returning for healing our sick and troubled world. Time for Heaven on Earth as promised The Promised Land to come…Come… Books: Healing Poems for Positive Love, Parousia Love’s Light, Parousia Book of Life are all available from Amazon.co.uk. Coming soon: Parousia Armageddon in Poetry exploring the causes of stress, hurt and pain for healing. www.Francess.org #Loveisnotacortisol #Timetoendallabuse

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