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Soul Mates: From the Beginning of Time

Soul Mates: From the Beginning of Time

“Since the beginning of time, until the end of time, and all the days of our lives, our Creator has wanted us to have love, completion, truth and joy. To love is one of the most powerful experiences that has ever existed! That is a fact! It can bring you to life or kill your spirit! People do not understand why Soul Mates are so significant or why they exist. We are here to experience true love from our Soul Mates.

A Soul Mate is the one who is created specifically for you! One who is created at the very beginning of your first lifetime. That person is created for you so that you can have love, passion, happiness, harmony, peace, abundance, and true fulfillment in everything and in every way that you can imagine. A Soul Mate is the one you have a connection and link with throughout your lives. Whether you connect with your Soul Mate every lifetime doesn’t matter (depending on your past karmic debts). You will always feel a connection and a desire towards your Soul Mate. You and your Soul Mate will always have this magnetic energy. This magnetic energy constantly wanting to connect and have this automatic clinging together.

People often get Soul Mates and Twin Flames mixed up. A Twin Flame is a love relationship you had in a past life. Most people feel they were meant to be with their Twin Flame because this relationship is so familiar and on fire sexually. You feel a connection in this relationship. A Twin Flame is a lustful relationship which is focused on healing karmic energy from your past life. A Twin Flame always has to do with past life karma. Always! There is a sense of familiarity where you feel connected with each other. There is a feeling of complete desire of wanting to be with this person, a feeling of passion, but there is also this feeling that something is seriously wrong. And that something that’s seriously wrong is some type of karmic debt that is due from your previous life of being together. That is what a Twin Flame is all about.

When you are with your Soul Mate there is nothing that you do not know about each other. There is a constant knowing. Reading each other’s minds, reading each other’s actions, being on the same page in every area: emotionally, spiritually, desires, dreams, etc. You have a lot in common. It is like a mirror, however at the same time there is a bit of opposite energy. That small bit of opposite energy is significant because you both will simultaneously help to encourage and grow one another. When you are with your Soul Mate, you feel satisfied. You feel as though you are complete. Your Soul Mate is going to love you inside and out. They are going to feel this attraction to you and are just going to want to hold you and never let you go…

God Bless, Tammy

Tammy Adams

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