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3 Tips For Better Communication by Rohan Weerasinghe


Dr Ro has been speaking to audiences around the world for the past 20 years. He has covered subjects like personal and business development and training people on the power of communication and maximising sales. Through impactful communication he has helped generate sales into the tens of millions.


My observations have led me to discover that there is one skill that has become more sought after by businessmen and women – the art of communicating with impact. Those who learn this skill get the greatest results on both a personal and business level. Specifically, I am referring to the verbal communication and the use of video and live presentations to communicate to clients and associates.

We are in an age where poor communication leads to the loss of customers, employees and potentially business failure.


Whether you are a CEO or just starting off your business, this is a skill that you must invest time in learning.  Impactful communication can benefit you whether you are presenting your business (or yourself) to a bank, to a group of potential investors, to an audience of potential buyers or talking to your employees. Great success requires great leadership, and great leadership requires outstanding communication at multiple levels. You can start by answering these questions:


  • What results are you looking to achieve?
  • What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to communicating with your clients or with others?


Responses I have received include:


  • We want to increase our sales
  • Increase our conversion rates
  • Getting people to understand how we are different to other people
  • Selling my ideas in front of audiences
  • Helping our sales team present more professionally
  • Winning new investors


The deeper you dig, the clearer you become on the actions necessary for you to be able to communicate your message with impact.


Three Starting Tips

Creating Values Alignment. This may not seem like a communication related topic, but it is one of the most important aspects of any business. Once you have clarity on the basic needs of the people you deal with you can start to make sure you align your business and your service with those needs.

Master the skill of speaking to audiences. This is a growing area for businesses across the world. Business owners, directors and senior management alike are expected to be able to communicate a strong, purposeful, and engaging and, of course, “sales” related message about themselves and their product.

Utilise the power of online videos. You cannot and will not be able to escape this area of growth. From a simple landing page on a website, YouTube or your own online digital TV channel. If you’re not exploiting these media, you are losing business. Make your message clear, open and easy for others to understand.  Give massive value and they will return to watch you again.



For more information visit www.DrRo.Tv

Dr. Rohan

It wasn't always this way for Dr Ro, and as a young boy he watched his father suffer multiple strokes, become paralysed in one side and blind, whilst his mother worked two jobs to feed both him and his two brothers. "Losing my father at the age of 13 was a major Turning Points in my life " says Dr Ro. He is quick to point out that this was one of many that include divorce, walking away from a career with a PhD, failure and success in business and seeing his mum experience cancer. However, what draws so many people to watch Dr Ro speak again and again is his passionate belief that we all have the ability to turn any situation around on a personal and business level. In 2002 together with a business associate, Dr Ro started to develop a property portfolio that grew rapidly. Very soon Rohan was being asked to teach and inspire audiences on the subject of Wealth Creation which he still does around the world. In 2011, Dr Ro, published an Amazon Best Selling book, Turning Point,which he has also developed into a 3-day intensive program. The process and tools Dr Ro shares help to provide rapid and lasting change for anyone prepared to apply them correctly. From money to health, from business to relationships - anybody exposed to Dr Ro's passionate delivery, live coaching sessions and practical tools experience deep personal life changes. Having touched ten of thousands of lives, Dr Ro is now recognised as one of Europe's most inspiring speakers. He is called upon by companies, seminar organisers, sales organisations, training companies, charities, colleges and universities to deliver his powerful impactful message. Having created an entire live and online education program, built successful businesses and experience business failure, Rohan has developed many powerful tools and learning lessons for his audiences. Today Rohan is called upon by companies, seminar organisers, sales organisations, training companies, charities, colleges and universities to deliver powerful and moving presentations. His primary message has three elements: The importance of aligning with our true Purpose Understanding and re-aligning the core values that define who we are Developing a deeper, universal connection in order that we tap into unlimited resources that will allow us to achieve our purpose and to be able to give beyond ourselves His journey continues as he expands both his brand and his message globally.

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