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Powerful energy is coming down onto Earth and many people worldwide feel its effect.

However, many are also confused by it as this energy is causing a surge of emotions and they do
not know where its coming from. What is causing your world to turn upside down? Take this
energy emergence as an opportunity to look deeper into yourself and to see what changes you
must make in order to become the “Real You”. Do not pretend to be someone you are not. As
you look deeply in the mirror, look at your fears, your upbringing, your beliefs, your
relationships, your own limitations set by your own self, your desires, and your wants and needs.

Let go of what no longer works for you and what is no longer aligned with who you’ve become
spiritually and energetically. Look also into what you wish to create or co-create with others. If
something does not feel right, nor is truly what you want to do then do not engage in the activity.

This is not always easy as sometimes a third party who is stuck in their old ways will try
everything in their powers to “control you” or to make you fall back in your old self. Many will
not understand you as they are focusing on their own selfish gain.

As you complete this exercise, you must also be clear on what your passions are, what motivates
you, and what makes you happy. Ask yourself if money was not in the equation, where would
you live and what would you do? This will help you in clarifying your soul mission.

Many have found a real soul-mate connection and yet refuse to embrace it fully because of their
past experiences in relationships or because they do not live near each other, or because one
wants to have lot of money to make moves. Those are all excuses that stem from fear. Examine
your heart and motives. Face your fears head on. Having more money or being in the same state
or country will not change your love nor the person that you love. So, take a chance and go for
what makes you happy. Evaluate who do you think of when you wake up and go to bed, who is
always in the back of your mind?

Are you waiting for the perfect timing, the perfect amount of money, the perfect job, house,
mate, career, and all the stars to align? I’ve got news for you; life is not meant to be perfect all
the time. Life is messy and it’s meant to be lived, to take risks or chances so that you have no

Most of all, during this exercise, ground yourself. Stay in your personal power, your own
guidance, and follow your heart! Embrace the unknown.

Muriel Blanc

Muriel has always been captivated by the allure of art, ever since she was a young girl. She has spent countless hours exploring museums and galleries, soaking in the beauty and wonder of each piece. Her versatile talents include working with watercolors, oils, digital art, and photography. She draws inspiration from sacred geometry, vibrant colors, and experimenting with mixed media. Her specialty lies in creating mesmerizing mandalas, artworks with motivational quotes, and fantastical creatures that stir the imagination.

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