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For eons, men have asked a simple question: who am I and why am I here? Are we just humans or are
we more?

The answer is simple; we are more. We are souls! We are all a part of the creator, the source, God. Our
souls are immortal. Our human body is just a vessel that carries our souls. We chose our body, our
experiences, and even our country of birth so our soul can grow and evolve.

I know for some of you this will open a debate but if you listen to your soul, you will know this is the
truth. Just like how we go into a car or a train for transportation from one place to another; our body is
just a means of transportation. However, in the same way that we are neither the car nor the train, we
are not our human body.

Now once we are in our bodies, we created as a human consciousness this current reality. Meaning, we
have chosen to be here at this time in a very controlled environment so our souls could evolve more.
We have created this mess because the mind is in charge, along with our ego, that we have forgotten
who we truly are. It is like we are the Lost Boys of Peter Pan who live in Neverland, it makes us forget
that we are One with God!

Everything you see around you is centered on the Ego! The ego shows you what you should look like,
what you should have or not have, who you should be with or not be with, etcetera. If you are not
convinced of this, then look around in the magazines or advertisements on TV. Everything is made to
reinforce this illusion that you are human! Our body is truly an amazing vessel and so is this planet.

So now let’s look at what is going on right now with the awakening process. Many are becoming
confused by who they are and by their own conflicted thoughts on many subjects. Changing a monetary
system, a government, or a religious belief is not going to change anything; in fact, it is just going to be
the same garbage over and over in a different form. For all of us to transcend this illusion that we have
created for a millennium, we must simply remember that we are Souls. Our thoughts if we come as one
can create a new reality. We can create the world we want to live in. One soul can help in that process,
but more souls must come together to create this reality.

We have reincarnated ourselves over and over again; it is time to stop this process. We can co-create
heaven on earth by creating love, joy, abundance, and light for all. We do not need any fancy computers
or money to create such a world. Our united thoughts can change the vibrations, the energy, of what we
see and want to create.

Now some are going to say what about death? Death is simply our soul saying I am getting off on that
exit, I have learned enough on this planet at this time, I want a new adventure somewhere else. Death is
not an end but a beginning!

So let’s co-create this new reality together with love, joy and peace; let’s truly transcend this illusion!

Muriel Blanc

Muriel has always been captivated by the allure of art, ever since she was a young girl. She has spent countless hours exploring museums and galleries, soaking in the beauty and wonder of each piece. Her versatile talents include working with watercolors, oils, digital art, and photography. She draws inspiration from sacred geometry, vibrant colors, and experimenting with mixed media. Her specialty lies in creating mesmerizing mandalas, artworks with motivational quotes, and fantastical creatures that stir the imagination.

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